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In My Skin

Welcome to my new blog.

There are lots of things I need to tweak...and I look forward to doing it. I'm also looking forward to tweaking it MYSELF without having to bother darling husband.

I couldn't do anything with the last blog unless he helped me. Annoying. Made me feel like a 50s housewife. Plus, I hated the way the last one looked. It never felt like me and it was really involved trying to change it. Who has time for that? Hopefully I'll get it together enough to create a masthead. But maybe not, so don't hold your breath.

Now that we live back in Drytown, I mean, Denver, I'm having to rethink my skin care regime. It's all about exfoliating and THEN moisturizing. Living in Seattle was lovely in that the air is like a constant
Evian Atomizer so I didn't really do much, aside from the usual washing, moisturizing and a facial every 6 months or so.

I have recently gotten into
dry brushing, and by recently, I mean two days ago. I have to say, I'm a big fan. After the dry brushing and then washing with a gentle cleanser, lube up with this fabulous body butter by Crabtree and Evelyn. My sister and I gave it to my Mom as a gift and I tried some. Good Lord. I swear I had a better day after rubbing that magic goo all over me. My skin is positively delicious. It is currently on my TO BUY list.
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