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Kitchen Nook

We redid this space a few years ago. Yes, I said years, but I just found these pictures so you're welcome.

Kitchen Before:

Doesn't that make you murderous? Sorry for the shite picture. Those are potted plants on the wallpaper, y'all. Potted. Plants.

Kitchen After: (with help from the supremely badass Karrie Kaneda from Happy Habitat. Also, since this photo was taken the floors have been restained to walnut.

So much better. Although, purposely left out is the rest of the kitchen which makes me murderous in a fruit-on-the-tile kind of way. Ick. 

wall color: Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist (We did the entire house in this color. It's lovely and soft)
table: IKEA (I feel it's small for the space but whatever. I send out wishes to the universe that a perfect big Saarinen shows up one day.
chairs: West Elm (these chairs are beyond gorgeous and quite possibly the most uncomfortable chairs in the universe, especially now that I am elderly with a bad back)
Fabric: Ack! I can't find the source. The benches are in a coated cotton because kids are gross. 

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