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Thursday Loves…

  • My massage this morning. This aching bod thanks you magical J!
  • Taking myself out to lunch, alone.
  • Thinking about this recipe CONSTANTLY. Must make SOON. It had me at “cake batter.”


  • Thinking about Morning Glory muffins CONSTANTLY too (are you sensing a trend? sweets anyone?)
  • Family dance party to Supertramp last night. Then a yoga session with Finn while Peter and Hadley jammed on the piano to REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Stop Loving You”. THEN, Finn fell asleep while I laid with him listening to Peter, Paul and Mommy. Oh, music. The love affair is stronger than ever.
  • I supremely dig being a part of my favorite foursome. Tis an honor.
  • Wheatgrass shots first thing in the morning
  • A stack of delicious new magazines
  • Going to the dentist. I would go once a month if I could.
  • Colorado weather the past few days. GORGE!
  • Reading all about NY Fashion Week and perusing collections. I love clothes but hate shopping. Explain that to me.
  • Seeing great friends from out of town + their new babe
  • Reading creative vegan blogs and feeling inspired to cook
  • B for leaving a slice of vegan chocolate tart on my doorstep today (!) 

Happy early weekend, turtle doves.

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Funk Removal

Have been in a funk for a few days. Today I decided to do something about it.

These things in combination seemed to have done the trick.

  • Find a good vegan soup recipe for dinner so I don’t have to eat the same motherscratching brown rice and veggies.
  • Noon yoga class with a righteous instructor
  • stroll through Vitamin Cottage grabbing some groceries, including the prettiest strawberries I have seen in a long time, roasted pumpkin seeds and frozen wheatgrass shots.
  • Drive home with the windows and sunroof open, taking in the amazing Colorado day.
  • Listen to CD made YEARS ago by KBDK, which contains a good amount of classic rock and hippie jams. (Widespread, Phish, Grateful Dead…)
  • Windows still open. Volume up embarrassingly loud.
  • Pull into the driveway with a smile on my face and then proceed to take 2 shots of wheatgrass and eat strawberries over the sink.

Mission accomplished. Funk removed.

It’s day 16 of the cleanse, people. Uh huh. I’m feeling pretty badass. Not supremely badass as there have been bumps in the road. Like this morning when I emailed B and was like “TALK ME DOWN FROM THE LEDGE. SCREW THIS!”

But still, maybe a little bad ass.

Good job, body. You’re doing swell.

On a TV front, are you watching Portlandia, yet? Mkay. Get on that. Although, don’t repeat lines to Peter and laugh hysterically because he’ll just look at you blankly. Also, I know I’m totally late for the party but FRINGE? Hello, fantastic. I’m deep into Season 1. I’m also going to acquire Friday Night Lights. After all of the hullaballoo everyone makes about it, the shit better change my life. Kidding. Sort of.

Wishing you wonderful Tuesday.

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Thursday Loves

  • Music – specifically Cat Stevens, Tennis, Fleetwood Mac, The Weepies
  • Feeling light and zippy (yup, I just said “zippy”)
  • brunches and lunches with people I love
  • Daydreaming about vacations
  • my sister’s post about her recent vacation to Tulum
  • Oliver spooning with me at night under the covers like a nursing infant.
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race
  • Feeling grateful. Every day.
  • The look on Peter’s face when I gave him a snow blower for his birthday
  • This girl’s photostream on Flickr. That blue hair is perfection. I love the shot called “WINTER.”
  • Planning a baby shower and HJ’s birthday party. FUN! The fun part for me is the invites and choosing where to have it. (Baby shower = French restaurant, bday party = funky art workshop for kids) Then I just delegate. It’s too stressful for me any other way.
  • Still alive and cleansing like a mofo. It’s Day 4 and I’ve had some minor missteps along the way but I’m being decidedly chill about it. This isn’t about self-flagellation. It’s about learning what works for my body and about being healthier.

I will say that I’m much more of a juice kind of girl. I love that vibrant green!

Yesterday morning I decided to make a smoothie. I put in some romaine, raspberries, an avocado, a cucumber and some coconut water. It looked so beautiful before I turned on my mighty Vita Mix. After that it was just brown sludge. I literally choked it down. And I was sad because I LOVE all of the ingredients. It tasted pretty good but I just couldn’t get past the texture and color of it.

I feel really really good though. My stomach issues have been non-existent since I started. I don’t know if I can attribute that to the cleanse or the fact that I also started taking Probiotics. Either way, it’s fabulous. Lupus has been relatively quiet as well. Big ups to my friend B, who is kicking arse as well!

Happy almost weekend to you, sweet people of the interwebs.

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Crazy Sexy Cleanse

Tuesday and Wednesday were “snow days” for my children. There was only an inch of snow on the ground but it was below freezing and deemed too dangerous.

So, they were home.

And annoying.

I missed yoga on Tuesday and lunch with two lovely ladies on Wednesday. Not to mention getting nothing done, having the house trashed and them squawking at me ALL day about being bored.

Have I mentioned that I love them. Mmhmmm, I do. I really really do. (There were some cute moments: H&F playing American Girl dolls, the many many skits they performed, making cookies with them while we sang Fleetwood Mac songs…)

I’m just happier than a pig in shit that they are back in school and the house is still and quiet.

The irony is I have to volunteer at school today.



Moving on.

Have you ever heard of Kris Carr? Chances are, you’ve seen her face lately because she’s been all over the place promoting her new book Crazy Sexy Diet.

This is what she says about herself:

I’m Kris Carr, best-selling author, motivational speaker and wellness coach. Back in 2003, I directed and starred in Crazy Sexy Cancer, an inspirational documentary for TLC that chronicled my journey from cancer diagnosis to juicy healthy living. I also wrote Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips and Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor, two must-have manuals for triumphing over disease and embracing a holistic approach to recovery. My wake-up call encouraged me to make a total lifestyle upgrade inside and out. This extraordinary journey led me to crank the stress down and the joy factor up. It brought me back to nature, the garden and the people (and animals!) who fuel my spirit each day. In the process, I created a blueprint for a healthy and happy life and I want to share my secrets with fabulous you!

Love love love her. She’s beyond positive, funny, irreverent and smart. Qualities I love in a girl. Plus, what she says makes sense. She still has a very rare, incurable form of cancer, but it isn’t progressing. And she feels great.

I remember discovering her documentary shortly after I was diagnosed with lupus. So much of what she said resonated but I was lazy and it was too much for me at the time to change my lifestyle so drastically. (Um, 5 week old baby, 2 year old, just moved to a city I’d never been to before?…yeah, I’d call that overwhelmed) She wrote her first book after the documentary came out called “Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips”. I thought, and this is the freaky part,  “Hm, if I ever got cancer, that would be a really good book for me to read.”


My mistake was just thinking that this lifestyle (I really hate the word ‘diet’) was only for people with cancer.

I’m ready now. To try at least.

I’ve been tinkering for a while, trying to eat mostly meat free (aside from briefly becoming a porketarian in Mexico), juicing, yoga, dry brushing, supplements, tons of water, etc. But this is going to be tough. It’s also gluten free, sugar free, caffeine free, alcohol free. Oy. I’m a bit terrified but excited too.

Just so we’re clear, it’s not to lose weight. It’s to feel good. Or at least better. This way of eating has long been described as “anti-inflammatory.” I SHOULD be eating this way to help my body heal.

It’s only 21 days. Starting Monday. I’m doing it with my friend B, my most fantastic across the street neighbor, who, if you remember, was my partner in Mastectomy Madness. Yes, we both dealt with the breast cancer/double mastectomy bullshit a month apart. We share a plastic surgeon. She’s the greatest. She is a vegan already and a runner, so we’re going to keep each other in line.

We’ve already started weaning. It’s not that hard, except for my morning cup of tea, and SWEETS! Argh. I can’t seem to shake those. I swear, after 5 or 6pm, I become possessed and must eat any and all sweets.

I’m not going to be a psycho about this cleanse and I am anticipating some icky days, but I’m committing. And blogging about it holds me to it. I promise I won’t bore you with all of the details.

Off to juice. Wish me luck!

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