Thursday Loves…

  • My massage this morning. This aching bod thanks you magical J!
  • Taking myself out to lunch, alone.
  • Thinking about this recipe CONSTANTLY. Must make SOON. It had me at “cake batter.”


  • Thinking about Morning Glory muffins CONSTANTLY too (are you sensing a trend? sweets anyone?)
  • Family dance party to Supertramp last night. Then a yoga session with Finn while Peter and Hadley jammed on the piano to REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Stop Loving You”. THEN, Finn fell asleep while I laid with him listening to Peter, Paul and Mommy. Oh, music. The love affair is stronger than ever.
  • I supremely dig being a part of my favorite foursome. Tis an honor.
  • Wheatgrass shots first thing in the morning
  • A stack of delicious new magazines
  • Going to the dentist. I would go once a month if I could.
  • Colorado weather the past few days. GORGE!
  • Reading all about NY Fashion Week and perusing collections. I love clothes but hate shopping. Explain that to me.
  • Seeing great friends from out of town + their new babe
  • Reading creative vegan blogs and feeling inspired to cook
  • B for leaving a slice of vegan chocolate tart on my doorstep today (!) 

Happy early weekend, turtle doves.


Meg | February 25, 2011 at 8:01 PM

So when are you making that cake batter bark and leaving it on my doorstep? I'll be waiting :)

Tis an honor to know your fabulous foursome. Keep staying limber and rocking out together.

Love you.