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Egg laying bunnies

The whole materialization of Easter grosses me out.

The other day I heard a kid say to another kid “What are you going to ask for for Easter?”


The whole idea of the Easter Bunny makes me laugh and is sort of creepy. (so is Santa, really) And where did this bunny get the eggs it is supposedly bringing?

We have chosen to just to make it about celebrating the arrival of Spring.

Today at Target, I was begrudgingly picking up a few little things to put in H&F’s Easter baskets.

The following is the conversation I had with the checker: (what is it with me and cuckoo Target checkers?)

Checker: Hey, how are you?

Me: Good, how you doing?

Checker: Really great! (He was a really big guy. Super charismatic and huggable looking.) Do you have any plans for this weekend?

Me: Spending time with family. How about you?

Checker: Oh! Family, Church, and Food!

I smiled.

Checker: Are you going to church this Sunday?


Me: Nope.

Checker: Cool.

Awkward silence for the remainder of the transaction.

Pushing my loot to the car, I wondered how the conversation could have gone differently. What if I had said “Heck yeah I’m going to church!” Would he have said “AWESOME!” and then we would have high fived?

For some reason, I think this version probably would have played out because he was so gregarious and also he had a huge silver cross on a big chain around his neck. Or maybe he would have said “Big Ups for Jesus!” and we would have fist bumped.

Or maybe not.

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Sorry no posting lately, or consistently. I’m feeling hermity. Not in a depressing kind of way.  Just not in the “let me blog about it!” kind of way. Every time I think of blogging, I think …”nah.”

Still vegan and relatively gluten free and loving it. LOV.ING it. It sounds cliché to some but literally, it’s like I’m seeing in color now. I am going to try, however, not to use the word “vegan” as it elicits strange responses from people. (“You’re not going to throw blood on me, are you?” “What DO you EAT??”) The word has such heft and negative connotations for some people that I’m just not interested in dealing with it. It’s a shame really because I like to be concise. Now I’ll have to say something like “Well, I am very particular about what I eat because I have health issues.”

Cooking has become this fun, interesting adventure instead of the usual horrifyingly mundane chore. It helps that the ever fabulous PGP has enthusiastically championed me eating this way and frequently helps cook. (I have to add though that he will cook meat every night and add it to the vegan meal. This makes me laugh.)

I’m currently dealing with heartburn VERY dramatically. It’s all very Sarah Bernhardt. Seriously though. Heartburn blows.  So do stomach bugs, which my family keeps passing around. Over. It.

I hope your Monday is going swimmingly.

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