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Picture This

My baby boy is turning 5 on July 8. This is the picture I used for his invite. It makes me laugh. He just recently got his yellow belt in karate and with that his sparring gear. He wants to wear it ALL. THE. TIME. This includes the athletic sports cup, which is hilarious. Have you ever seen such a tiny apparatus? What you are not seeing in the pic is that he’s naked with just the cup on. So. Funny.


June 2009 081

Here he is a few days ago, reading books before bed. In full protective head gear. Like most people wear to bed.

June 2009 075

Here are some pics from the lupus walk. It was a great success, by the way. We (my mom came too) only walked a mile or so before we bailed. My hips started to really hurt. Peter was leaving the next day for a week and I didn’t need to over do anything. B made SUCH a good point when she said she thought it was ridiculous that people with lupus were made to walk. She said we should have a day where we sit on the couch all day to raise money. She’s hilarious.

Speaking of hilarious, the glasses Finn is wearing below are not real. They are from some Groucho Marx disguise that he dismantled and then wore for days.

Speaking of lupus though, there was a character on Nurse Jackie with lupus last night. I was so excited to see how they portrayed her. Unfortunately, the character did not say a word and was in a wheelchair, coughing, thus perpetuating the myth that lupus is just mysterious and painful enough to garner a wheelchair but no information was given about what the disease actually does to your body. Argh.

June 2009 004 June 2009 005 June 2009 011

June 2009 006

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Word Nerd



I have always been a word nerd. I love words. If you say a word I’m not familiar with, I’ll ask you to spell it so I can see it in my head. I credit my mom for instilling a love of language and words in me. When I read a word or hear a word I don’t know, I’ll scribble it down so I can look it up later and linger over the definition. In a REAL dictionary. Talk about fantastic. That last part revealed truly what a word nerd I am. Dictionaries are bad ass.

Sometimes I’ll use the word. Sometimes not. You have to know your audience. You can’t say morose to the 17 year old barista at Starbucks because she’ll ask you if you said “gross”. And when you repeat the word, she’ll shrug and say she thought I said gross but was mumbling. Odd.

However, when describing the little popcorn bags at the art house movie theater as Lilliputian, I was delighted to get a sweet smile and a “did you just say Lilliputian? Nice.” from the Jack Black-esque cashier.

These are the latest delicious morsels that have been floating around my head lately because I like the way they look and sound. Unitard is just funny. I mean, c’mon. Enjoy.



I reinjured my back last week and it is KILLING me. Herniated disc. ARGH. Permanent grimace on my face. I won’t go to the doc because I already know what they’ll say. I know the exercises. I have Ibuprofen. No heavy lifting. Rest. It just takes time, which is so annoying.

However, I went upstairs a bit ago to rest my back and started reading When You Are Engulfed in Flames (Sedaris rules) and fell asleep. Luxury at its best.

Shoutouts to the lovely women who make my life so enjoyable. Special high five to the girl who rode bikes with me down the street last night and reminded me of what it was like to be 9 again.

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Have to Believe it is Magic

The stars aligned last night and my siblings and I were alone at my mom’s house with her. Just the 5 of us. It rarely happens.

Neil was in town on business for one day and the other three sibs dropped everything to spend an evening with him at Mom’s house. There was dinner and wine and lots of laughing. Did I mention there was laughing? No one is funnier than my sibs.

It was energizing and so special to be with these people whom I have known my entire life. Just us. No distractions. They make me stronger and funnier. I liked looking at my mom’s face as she looked at all of us together, beaming with pride. It is difficult to explain the joy I feel being a part of this tribe. They speak my language and accept me unconditionally. I am them and they are me.

No one had a camera, which is both annoying and a blessing, because I would have had to answer all sorts of questions as to why I’m looking like Courtney Love lately, all bedraggled and homeless like.

I did take a few mental pictures though and made sure to tell myself “remember this”.

I love you A,M,N and Mom. You too Dad.

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Concierge Mom

A friend of our fantastic photographer, Rachel Olsen, just started a blog called Concierge Mom. Obviously, if you are a man, you will have no interest in this so you can go back to looking at porn or whatever you were doing.

I really like her voice and her tips are cute and helpful without being ridiculous. Sometimes with “mommy blogs”, it feels a little holier than though. Like they want you to believe they are cooking a soufflĂ©, darning a sock (which of course they still do), changing a diaper, planning a baby shower, re-wallpapering the living room, allthewhile looking fetching enough to make sure her man is pleased when he comes home.

It’s irritating. And suspiciously a lot of these women (who I’m sure are lovely people so no need to send me craziness) are all Mormon. What’s the connection?

It’s exhausting frankly. I find myself reading these blogs and asking myself “why are you reading this? You’re never going to make your own butter or have chickens or sew your own clothes and just because this woman can do it all and home school her 6 kids doesn’t make you a crap mom because you’re having uncrustables for dinner.”

I’m rambling.

Anyway, go check out her blog. She seems like a cool woman.

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Recently feeling the need to exfoliate my face and by doing so hoping it would reveal a well rested 26 year old face, I turned to an old stand by that I have often looked at on the grocery shelf. St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I’ve looked at it many many many times. It smells divine. The word “invigorating” on the package spoke to me. I wanted to be invigorated. I knew that Allure magazine gave it the reader’s choice award in 2008. But there was still this part of me that could not purchase it for fear of losing an eye.


It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I was a ridiculous human to be purposely avoiding a facial scrub. I had endured child birth TWICE for crying out loud. I could take on this freaking scrub.

Why the avoidance?

In high school, I always admired the way B took care of herself. She was all about products and lotions and knew how to apply makeup perfectly. She’s a lovely feminine girlie with beautiful skin. She STILL has beautiful skin. No wrinkles. I’m not lying.

One day, while exfoliating and dutifully caring for her skin, Becca got some of those invigorating granules in her eye. It was horrifically painful and she had to go to the doctor and get it flushed. The whole episode ended in an eye patch. She had to wear it to school. The horror. I can’t remember how long she had to wear it. A few days? A week? Regardless, it scarred me.

Isn’t it interesting the way certain events manifest themselves?

Apricot Scrub…conquered.

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A Lovely Monday Morning

Monday morning, Hadley and I went over to Meg’s so Hadley could “work”. Meggie has hired Hadley to be her “mother’s helper”. Hadley’s main duty is to entertain Mia. We packed Hadley’s bag Sunday night with snacks, crafts, toys and lunch (Hadley’s latest fave are Lunchables) She was SO excited. Mia was too.  I pay HJ $1 an hour. The whole way to Meg’s I kept telling her things like ‘It’s your responsibility to clean up after Mia.’ and “Keep asking her if she has to go potty.” “Remember to keep her entertained and let Meg rest.” Poor kid. She’s 7 and I was acting like she was applying to be someone’s live in nanny.

We’re going again on Friday. Hadley is elated. I caught her looking at the calendar marking the days. “Tuesday is camp. Wednesday is camp. Thursday is camp. Then on Friday, I have to work.” She’s taking it all so seriously. It’s hilarious and so cute.

I thought I would drop Hadley off, run some errands and get some stuff done, then go pick her up. But the deliciousness that is Mia (Look at my new socks, Emmy!), Meg (no explanation needed) and Luca (swoon) lured me in and I couldn’t leave. I eventually did and I only got one errand done. Vacuuming out my car.

It was worth it because I got to spend more time with Mr. Delicious. I stole the picture below from Meg’s blog. She wrote a sweet post. And let me just tell you that when she took him back from me and he cried, that delight (sorry meg) lasted for hours and hours. The fact that he liked me and was calm with me was the ultimate validation. Looking forward to many more good times, my sweet Luca.


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The Chronic

I’ve been thinking  a lot more about what it means for me to have lupus lately because of a friend’s recent diagnosis. (we went to the same grade school AND high school – what are the odds? Big ups to KH) I have to say it’s like reliving being diagnosed. In a good way. From a far away place with less intensity. But I find myself thinking about K all the time, which in turn, makes me think about myself 5 years ago and how I felt, physically and emotionally. I really think my horrible memory is trying to take care of me by not serving me up detailed reminders like I think I want. I am glad to have really foggy memories of how I felt back then. I don’t know how I got through it. I just did.

I liked this quote from the book "Strong at the Broken Places":

“Chronic conditions do not resolve themselves. Unlike terminal illness, there is no high drama with these diseases. They are not sexy, and are little noticed or understood by an unknowing public that would prefer not to think about them. Those who are hit hard know the frustration of being marginalized, reduced, and pushed to the side by these chilly attitudes.”

I’ve been asked if my lupus is real. I’ve been asked if I could spare some of the meds that make me lose weight. (sure! Take them, along with losing weight rapidly you will have insane nausea, pain and fatigue, immune suppression, nose and mouth sores and hair loss. Still want some?) I’ve been asked what I did to myself to “get lupus”. (as if I picked it up at the grocery store because I forgot to wipe down the cart handle with those 409 wipes they give you at the store.)  I’ve been told I brought lupus on myself but can be cured if I just do a, b and c. Lots of ignorant comments, none were malicious I’m sure, but they still sort of stop me for a minute. And depending on the day, make me want to punch someone in the teeth.

I think more than anything, it’s the ignorance that’s most annoying.

And on that note, dear reader, I ask this of you. Educate yourself and even if you just tell one person what lupus is, then consider your job done. www.lupus.org has lots of good info. Also, read this essay if you have a minute. (its a pdf and I know I’ve posted it before) It’s a good description of what life is like sometimes from a woman who runs a site called “But You Don’t Look Sick” dot com. www.butyoudontlooksick.com

Aptly named. I hear that all the time.


 The lupus walk is this weekend here in Denver on June 14. I have a donation page if you want to fork over some dough. My goal is $100 so it’s not like I’m asking for an organ. More than anything I just want to make people aware.

It’s real. It sucks. The FDA has not approved a new medication to treat lupus in 50 years. That’s a long time. And the meds currently prescribed for lupus have unacceptable side effects that are life-diminishing and may actually cause other health problems worse than lupus itself. Side effects like bone loss and osteoporosis, infertility, infections, joint replacements, cancer, and more.


Currently, I’m exhausted, have neosporin shoved up my nose to dull the pain of a new nose sore and could sleep for 3 days straight. Every day is different. So. Annoying. I’m thinking today this is my body’s reaction to me going out to dinner last night with some girls and having the audacity to have 2 margaritas and get to bed at 10:30.  Who knows though? Lupus is one bipolar, unpredictable bitch.

Not to be Debbie Downer. Just telling it like it is.



PS- Have you seen The Hangover yet? What are you waiting for??? You. Must. Go. Now.

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"Next week's no good for me. The Jonas Brothers are in town."

I saw the movie The Hangover yesterday and I am STILL laughing. I’m trying to figure out when to go see it again. And I NEVER do that. EVER. This time I’m taking Peter. So. Freaking. Funny. The kind of laughing where you’re laughing so hard you’re not making any noise. And then 20 minutes later I would remember a line and start laughing again. My stomach muscles hurt when the flick was over.


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I’ve often said that I love Dan Renzi’s blog called How Was Your Day, Dan? It always makes me happy, entertains me, and makes me think without being didactic. I always look forward to reading it and am rarely disappointed. I adore his writing and his voice. He just seems like a lovely person full of insights and funny takes on life.

His latest post entitled “long post” about his neighbor, is fantastic. (horrible post title I’m aware. we can’t all be perfect.)


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Home Again

So, we’re back from the Bahamas. We had a fantastic time. Absolutely. The kids LOVED every second. Disney Cruise lines totally does it up. They don’t mess around. Great food. Great drinks. Disney crap everywhere. I have been describing it as Disney Kid Vegas on a Boat. Or like being stuck in a Disney pin ball machine, on a boat. (sorry, Scott. SHIP.)  LOTS and LOTS going on ALL the time. And the people. Lots of people. Too many. For me anyway.

Disney Cruise May 2009 009

(this pic was taken the day before we left from Florida. Peter and Scott took all four darlings to Disney World while Lisa and I went to get lunch and mani/pedis. Hell. Yes.)

My two favorite moments were off of the ship. Playing with the dolphins in Nassau and lying on the beach (Castaway Cay) while the kids frolicked and I laid under the umbrella and drank fruity drinks. (no dolphin pics yet…)

Disney Cruise May 2009 067

Disney Cruise May 2009 061 

Disney Cruise May 2009 038

Disney Cruise May 2009 042 Disney Cruise May 2009 050 Disney Cruise May 2009 052

Disney Cruise May 2009 054

We had such a lovely time with Densmores. They made the trip really. Our last night together at dinner was so funny and magical, I replay it all the time in my head. In slow motion. With a soundtrack.  Everyone was happy and relaxed. Just as we were getting the hang of this cruise business, it was over.  I’m a horrible picture taker and NEVER got a shot of both families together or even OUR family together. Oh well…

Disney Cruise May 2009 140

We had the same wait staff every night at dinner. (No, we didn’t have to sit with strangers. It was just our two families) So, by the end the servers knew us well. It was a lovely Disney touch and they were awesome. They were really funny with the kids.

Disney Cruise May 2009 119

I really want Finn to marry Lizzie. They got along like peas and carrots. It was so cute.

I’m glad we did it. Really glad. I can check that off of my list of things to do. However, I will never take another cruise again. We were not meant to be. The cruise and I.

I credit the most adorable PGP for giving me pep talks every 4 hours or so. I would look at him desperately and say “remind me again why this is fun?”  He would sweetly and calmly tell me that it wasn’t about me. It was about Hadley and Finn and they were having the time of their lives. That helped so much. So did sitting around drinking with S&L&P while our children were in the Oceaneer Club being minded by overly excitable and polite Disney cast members. (Who did a bang up job, BTW. Seriously.)

Disney Cruise May 2009 100

We couldn’t keep these two away from the fruity drinks.


We are now fully into summer mode around these parts. So no blogging lately. I’m having writer’s block and just not feeling particularly creative or funny. Feeling pretty good which is a) amazing and b) welcome so I’m trying to amp up my exercise. I have been hogging the Wii Fit and playing endless games with Finn.

I’ll leave you with this gem:

Conversation overheard in the car while listening to Jim Croce’s “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” after Croce sings the line “Badder than Old King Kong…”

Hadley: Who is King Kong?

Finn: Our last President

Hadley: Oh yeah.

and this:

Bumper sticker spotted on a truck in front of me a few days ago:  “Grass, Gas or Ass: No one rides for free”

That one was actually pretty freaking great. Wouldn’t you love to put one of those on a huge Cadillac Escalade that is riddled with McCain/Palin stickers? snicker snicker…

Wishing you leisurely afternoons and some summer fun. If you were here I would make you a spinach+ lime juice and you’d love it.

Shoutout to Moynihans who made my heart burst when they were here last week.

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