Concierge Mom

A friend of our fantastic photographer, Rachel Olsen, just started a blog called Concierge Mom. Obviously, if you are a man, you will have no interest in this so you can go back to looking at porn or whatever you were doing.

I really like her voice and her tips are cute and helpful without being ridiculous. Sometimes with “mommy blogs”, it feels a little holier than though. Like they want you to believe they are cooking a soufflĂ©, darning a sock (which of course they still do), changing a diaper, planning a baby shower, re-wallpapering the living room, allthewhile looking fetching enough to make sure her man is pleased when he comes home.

It’s irritating. And suspiciously a lot of these women (who I’m sure are lovely people so no need to send me craziness) are all Mormon. What’s the connection?

It’s exhausting frankly. I find myself reading these blogs and asking myself “why are you reading this? You’re never going to make your own butter or have chickens or sew your own clothes and just because this woman can do it all and home school her 6 kids doesn’t make you a crap mom because you’re having uncrustables for dinner.”

I’m rambling.

Anyway, go check out her blog. She seems like a cool woman.