A Lovely Monday Morning

Monday morning, Hadley and I went over to Meg’s so Hadley could “work”. Meggie has hired Hadley to be her “mother’s helper”. Hadley’s main duty is to entertain Mia. We packed Hadley’s bag Sunday night with snacks, crafts, toys and lunch (Hadley’s latest fave are Lunchables) She was SO excited. Mia was too.  I pay HJ $1 an hour. The whole way to Meg’s I kept telling her things like ‘It’s your responsibility to clean up after Mia.’ and “Keep asking her if she has to go potty.” “Remember to keep her entertained and let Meg rest.” Poor kid. She’s 7 and I was acting like she was applying to be someone’s live in nanny.

We’re going again on Friday. Hadley is elated. I caught her looking at the calendar marking the days. “Tuesday is camp. Wednesday is camp. Thursday is camp. Then on Friday, I have to work.” She’s taking it all so seriously. It’s hilarious and so cute.

I thought I would drop Hadley off, run some errands and get some stuff done, then go pick her up. But the deliciousness that is Mia (Look at my new socks, Emmy!), Meg (no explanation needed) and Luca (swoon) lured me in and I couldn’t leave. I eventually did and I only got one errand done. Vacuuming out my car.

It was worth it because I got to spend more time with Mr. Delicious. I stole the picture below from Meg’s blog. She wrote a sweet post. And let me just tell you that when she took him back from me and he cried, that delight (sorry meg) lasted for hours and hours. The fact that he liked me and was calm with me was the ultimate validation. Looking forward to many more good times, my sweet Luca.