Word Nerd



I have always been a word nerd. I love words. If you say a word I’m not familiar with, I’ll ask you to spell it so I can see it in my head. I credit my mom for instilling a love of language and words in me. When I read a word or hear a word I don’t know, I’ll scribble it down so I can look it up later and linger over the definition. In a REAL dictionary. Talk about fantastic. That last part revealed truly what a word nerd I am. Dictionaries are bad ass.

Sometimes I’ll use the word. Sometimes not. You have to know your audience. You can’t say morose to the 17 year old barista at Starbucks because she’ll ask you if you said “gross”. And when you repeat the word, she’ll shrug and say she thought I said gross but was mumbling. Odd.

However, when describing the little popcorn bags at the art house movie theater as Lilliputian, I was delighted to get a sweet smile and a “did you just say Lilliputian? Nice.” from the Jack Black-esque cashier.

These are the latest delicious morsels that have been floating around my head lately because I like the way they look and sound. Unitard is just funny. I mean, c’mon. Enjoy.



I reinjured my back last week and it is KILLING me. Herniated disc. ARGH. Permanent grimace on my face. I won’t go to the doc because I already know what they’ll say. I know the exercises. I have Ibuprofen. No heavy lifting. Rest. It just takes time, which is so annoying.

However, I went upstairs a bit ago to rest my back and started reading When You Are Engulfed in Flames (Sedaris rules) and fell asleep. Luxury at its best.

Shoutouts to the lovely women who make my life so enjoyable. Special high five to the girl who rode bikes with me down the street last night and reminded me of what it was like to be 9 again.


suzanneb | June 28, 2009 at 7:58 PM

emily!! thank you SOOOO much for your sweet words about me below! I consider that post as my first "piece of press" so you will always be important to me! had to tell you about a site I like about words: http://wordsbybob.wordpress.com/ - met this guy locally and I love stuff like this- thought you might too! thanks again- suzanne

Sheri Nugent | June 29, 2009 at 9:53 PM

Emily - I don't know anybody else who loves the word schadenfreude! I love using that word in a sentence - and I get the opportunity more often than you'd think.

Beccamonkey | June 30, 2009 at 3:46 PM

OH MY GOD JOHN AND I WERE JUST DISCUSSING THIS! I was telling him this morning that I have seen the word schadenfreude printed like ten different places in the past month. And how wonderful it is that words can have trends just like fashion. That is crazy. Definetly a word left best to print though...doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.