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I’ve been obsessed with Into The Gloss for a while. Have you been there? Obsessed. Particularly with The Top Shelf. I love to know what other people are doing in their beauty regime. The stuff that really works. I get really excited when I read many posts and start to see a pattern of things that lots of people use. (yes, I am a total nerd.)

I don’t much care for what celebrities use. I mean, I do, but most of the time that stuff is made up anyway. Into The Gloss interviews Editors, Designers, Photographers, Stylists, DJs…people in the know who are behind the scenes in the beauty industry and tend to really know what’s good.

And I don’t really care that much about makeup. Sure, I like a good product  but I don’t pile it on. For the most part I’m a natural girl and look kind of the same with or without makeup. I don’t feel the need to have massive amounts of makeup in my arsenal. A few choice products will do.

I care about taking care of my skin. I’ve often said the people I find most attractive look “fresh” – they have beautiful skin, shiny healthy hair, bright eyes and pretty teeth.

I decided to take a look at my own beauty regime. Here it is as well as the products I love:

I wash my face with old school Cetaphil. I have for years and I swear by it. Peter gave me the Clarisonic for Christmas and it really is phenomenal. It took a bit to fall in love with it and I didn’t get the buzz but we’re in the throws of a full on love affair now. (Megs, I know I said you could just keep using a washcloth. I’m changing my mind.) I have the face and body one and I love taking it in the tub and exfoliating like a mofo.  Oh, soft skin goodness. Sometimes I’ll put lavender body oil in the tub too, which just takes everything to the next level. Tubs are a must. My achy bod craves it at the end of most days.

I’m a firm believer in dry brushing too. It is so good for circulation, your lymph system, exfoliation, plus it just feels invigorating! I do it before I shower or take a bath.



I use Cetaphil lotion on my face and body too. In the morning, I’ll wash my face, put on Cetaphil and then put on sunscreen. It’s SPF 30, something the dermatologist gave me. Sometimes, I’ll just do that. Other days, I’ll put on a little makeup.

My all time favorite beauty tip my sister introduced me to years and years ago. Tinting my eyelashes black. Ladies, it’s the best, especially for the fair haired peeps. I used to do it for special occasions or vacations but now, like clockwork, I do it every 5 weeks. I do not wear mascara at all anymore. I just curl them and I’m done.

I’ve been wanting to try a BB cream since they are all the rage lately so I picked up Garnier BB Cream in light. It’s quite lovely, I have to say. Good coverage, not heavy and does the trick. Seems like a foundation/moisturizer so I don’t see what the excitement is about but whatever. I still use a light dusting of bareMinerals powder to get a little more coverage if I need it. They also carry a highlighting powder called Radiance that gives you a subtle luminescence that I like.

I do love a blush and like the rest of the planet, I have NARS Orgasm, which really is a great color. After my cheeks, I like to lightly swipe it on my eyelids for a little color up there. ( I do not do eye shadow. It confounds me.) I’m also a big fan of Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush and Benefit Benetint if you want a pinker cheek. Tarte is a gel stick like product and Benetint is like a nail polish bottle with a brush! It smells heavenly and can be used as a lip tint too. (two for one!) Both Tarte and Benetint give you a flushed look, which I love. It’s natural.

For the lip, I always have on me or am in reach of a Burt’s Bees lip balm. The original one. I  have to have it. Total addict. I usually start out with lip color like Tarte 24/7 Lip Sheer in Friday, Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (which I’ve used since I was 15) or a few others in rotation but then I forget and just go for the Burt’s Bees. Easy.



I really love perfume. Currently, I have Bobbi Brown’s BATH perfume (I just went to get the link and I discovered she’s not making it anymore. WHA?)and Jo Malone in a variety of scents. You can’t go wrong with Jo Malone. I don’t feel complete without some fragrance. I’m fascinated by it. The complexities of the scent, different notes, how the scent changes depending on body chemistry. And I love how it can remind you of certain times in your life. (Anais Anais? 8th grade. Perscriptives Calyx? High School. New West? Freshman year in college. The list goes on…) Once I’ve worn a scent, I rarely go back to it. Is it just me?

I keep my fingernails short and always with clear polish. I’ve tried color and it looks so garish on me. It draws attention to my poor, splotchy, red hands. So I keep it simple. I think part of beauty is knowing what works for you. I love the short nail/funky color or pattern but it doesn’t work for me.

My toes are always a color, usually red and as short as they can get them. I get a pedicure once a month. And it’s heaven. I’ll get a manicure every other time. I am pretty good at keeping my fingernails up. (I’ve been teaching Finn to take care of his nails, which thrills me to no end. He likes me to buff his nails while he watches a show. Prince Charming.)

At night, I always wash my face. I can not go to sleep without washing my face and brushing my teeth. (and putting in my retainers. Sex-ay.) No matter the circumstance. So, I wash with the Clarisonic and lately I’ve been really digging Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate or REN Omega 3 Night Repair Serum. I like to really saturate my face with moisture and these things don’t feel heavy or cloying. I focus on my neck and d├ęcolletage too. Moisture moisture moisture. Every couple of days I’ll use a Retinol serum or cream, both I got from my dermatologist.

I’ll do a mask a few times a week too.   I like Sanitas Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, which smells fantastic. REN also makes a really good one called Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask.

So, that’s it. Wow. Writing it all down makes me seem a lot more high maintenance than I thought I was. Good to know. Feel free to pass along your beauty must haves….


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