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Lately, Back to Nature’s Sunflower Seed and Pumpkin Seed granola has been a constant for breakfast or mid morning snack. I put a cup of berries in it and have it with milk or yogurt and my tea. Divine. (eating it now…)

We like fruit snacks up in here but they have to be GOOD fruit snacks, meaning soft, and tasting like FRUIT. We’re fruit snack snobs. The majority of the fruit snacks on the market taste like wax with some high fructose corn syrup mixed in to confuse everyone. Retch. I’ve mentioned Annie’s fruit bunnies (we’re partial to the berry patch flavor) and recently I found in the baby aisle Tasty Brand fruit snacks. Super delicious.


We’ve been making popsicles and smoothies like nobody’s business. (I add egg white to the smoothies for protein. Don’t tell my children.) Summer time eating is so easy and fun. I love the casualness of it. Last night the kids had fruit, cheese and crackers for dinner while we watched the original Karate Kid.

I was all sorts of wiped out after we went to our friends’ annual Memorial Day party. I got too much sun and had a few too many Moscow Mules. It was SUCH a fun party though. Saw lots of awesome peeps I hadn’t seen since last year. I can’t remember how many people I dragged into the bathroom to flash the new rack..6 of 7?

On that front,..everything is healing really well and next up with be the tattooing of the areola. I’m going to have ELK document the process which will be cool.

Wishing you an enjoyable Memorial Day. I’m trying to be present and remember why today is important. Thank you to all of the soldiers and their families.

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Bright Spot


I watched An Education last night and loved it. I think I’m the last person on the planet to have seen it and I wish I would have seen it in the theater. EVERYTHING is better in the theater.

I loved how my perspective would change as I watched and I identified with it on so many levels. I watched as a naive 16 year old eager to experience the world and flee from the normalcy and mundanity of my life. I watched as a woman, knowing that excitement and glamour are the ultimate aphrodisiacs. I watched as a mother, seething at this predator who so masterfully slithered his way into the life of a young girl and her parents. And obviously, I watched as a lover of movies, especially perfectly crafted ones with phenomenal acting.

The title is brilliant. After the movie, I of course, had to search every single thing I could find on Lynn Barber, her memoir and the making of this movie. (Got to love the internet. I used to drag my arse to the library to delve deeper into fascinating subjects, most memorably Ted Bundy.) Finding out Nick Hornby wrote the screenplay immediately made sense. Of course he did. He masterfully weaves language into a tale like no one else.

Go read an excerpt of the memoir she wrote for The Observer. Fascinating.

And was it just me or did the sublime Carey Mulligan look like Katie Holmes occasionally?

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Summer Sisters

pop Go read my sister’s latest post. She is the epitome of lovely.  I envy the way she thinks about things and the way she phrases them. So poignant and beautiful. Those kids and parents are beyond lucky to have her as their teacher.

Lately, Meg and I have been in hog heaven being so much closer to each other after her move. It’s really only about 10 minutes closer but we’re acting like we live next door to each other. It’s delightful to have her pop over whenever.

They just left after hanging out here for bit to escape contractors at their house. I did a puzzle with the Mia, while Luca crawled everywhere and squawked at Finn, who was annoying him. Finn and Mia had orange juice popsicles I made in these popsicle molds.

“This is the good part" I thought after they left. “This is why I love my life.”

Simple pleasures, like living near cousins.

Even though I’m mentally back to blogging, I haven’t been doing so because of all of the end of year school craziness and the pretty weather which begs to be frolicked in.

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Back On The Chain Gang

And we’re back.

Oh I’ve missed you and kept reminding myself to tell you things.

I finally saw WHIP IT the other night and it made me: nostalgic for Texas strangely, want to be an alternative 17 year old just discovering what she’s made of, a bad ass roller derby girl and also a tolerant, accepting parent. It was a lovely, joyful, thoughtful little flick. Ellen Page is adorable. I found it distracting that Drew Barrymore was in it though.  I just didn’t think it was necessary for HER (she directed it) to play the seemingly retarded character she played. (a brutish, stoner hippie – TRITE!)  That was really my only gripe though. I loved the cast.

I’ve also been reading various tomes on parenting, secular humanists and serial killers to name a few. Interesting and random stuff. I’m still slogging through Monster of Florence. It’s good but I’m kind of indifferent. Mudbound is a great little read that I’m enjoying it immensely. I’ll be done tomorrow probably. My friend S recommended Little Bee a while ago and that has been top of mind.

TED.com has been consuming a lot of time too. How can you not want to watch ALL of the talks??? This is a good one I watched this morning sent by my darling brainy PGP. Elizabeth Pisani is a super brilliant woman and speaker talking about “inconsistencies in today's political systems that prevent our dollars from effectively fighting the spread of HIV.” Check it out.

TED is coming to University of Denver soon and I keep dreaming that tickets will magically fall out of the sky for my me and my husbie.

Let’s see. what else?

Massage really helps with my lupus and I melt under the touch of a great masseuse. Recently, my body was SCREAMING out for one so I booked it and couldn’t wait to get on the table. Turns out they FREAK (understandably so) that I've had cancer and two lymph nodes removed as massage can cause Lymphedema. The risk of me developing it is pretty low, but it’s still there and will be there FOREVER. The masseuse, Harmony (apt name, eh?) was well versed on Lymphedema and didn’t want to inflame any tissue (translation: give me a proper massage) so the massage was very mediocre and super light. She was very apologetic and said she just couldn’t risk injuring me.

I left the place shaking my head. Seriously, can I catch a fucking break? I have this ridiculous chronic illness that is made better by massage. However, because I have had breast cancer and my two sentinel lymph nodes removed, I am at an increased risk for lymphedema. 


I lost my camera on Saturday at Finn’s karate tournament. I was really really pissed at myself for a few hours. Then we went out to lunch and as Peter and I were sharing a delicious chocolate malted shake he said “It’s just a camera, honey.”

That of course threw me into a tizzy because I wanted him to be furious at me. A thought he found hilarious.

“You’re already mad enough for both of us and nothing is going to change the situation.”



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And the World Spins Madly On

Hello gorgeous.

I am enjoying my little blog break, continuing to heal, eating lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and watching good movies

Have a lovely weekend and tell yo mama you love her.


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