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It’s Not What You Think

Peter’s on my laptop a lot doing various things, or I should probably say UNdoing various things that I have unknowingly done, to make my computer run better.

One day recently he said “What is this file on your desktop?”

“What file?” I say.

He points to it and says “I always forget to ask you about it.”

It’s a JPG with the name “masterbat…”

I immediately start laughing and have been laughing every time I think of it.

This is the file, which is a picture.


Get it?

MASTER BATH. (I enjoy the tiling, floor, rug, and glass door)

But the “H” was cut off.

MASTERBAT(the invisible “e” is from your dirty imagination)

I think he was expecting something a little more titillating.

Laughing again.

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