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The Fuzz


Gil Hedley: The Fuzz


Warning: This video isn’t for the squeamish but I find it SO interesting. Honestly, it’s been a motivator for me lately to stretch every day and go to yoga. I think of “the fuzz” and get on my mat.

Incidentally, this also reawakens my desire to dissect a human body. Unfortunately, you can just hop up to the local rec center and do such a thing. Darn.

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The Voting Process

It’s difficult but ultimately, you have to go with your gut.

Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream or the Glee version?

These are the tough decisions.

We like to listen to music in the morning. I find it puts everybody in a good mood and usually turns into an impromptu dance party. There is lots of singing and H&F take turns being DJ.

Katy Perry is a constant favorite for the blue eyed devils. (and mama too) It’s sugary delicious pop. Everybody gets a spoon for a mic. Since I’m often multi-tasking, I just use my portable thumb mic. This always makes Finn say “You’re embarrassing me, Mama.”

The most recent episode of Glee featured an all boy version of Teenage Dream, which I showed to H&F because I loved it. We have watched it 100 times. I do love me an all boy accapella singing group.

Teenage Dream cover–GLEE


This morning, Finn insisted we listen to Katy Perry’s version first, then watch this version and then vote which one we liked better. He set up a voting center at the kitchen table.

If you wanted Katy Perry’s version you colored a square pink. If you wanted the Glee version, you colored a square yellow.

Everyone went up to the kitchen table alone to vote, Survivor style. The votes were put into a very official Ziploc baggie.

Then Finn tallied the votes.

2 votes Glee, 1 vote Katy Perry.

Glee won. (I was the lone Katy Perry voter just to keep things interesting.)

Then we had a dance party to celebrate their victory.


If anyone asked me to give them a reason I love being a mother, I would want to have them magically experience this morning. They are somewhat rare but moments like this fill me with joy and love that lasts for hours.  (Thank you H&F for being a part of my life. You bring an irreplaceable vibrancy and ebullience.)

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Peter and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary today. I love it. I love being married. And I especially love being married to him. Words cannot accurately explain my complete and utter devotion to this person. He is my light. A bright, glorious, warm light.

Unfortunately, he’s in Germany on biz, so the kids and I are going to do it up Suburban style tonight by ordering pizza and eating cake! I’m also watching Mia and Luca so it’ll be a party of sorts.

I will lift a juice box to you, my darling husbie.


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Thursday Loves

Hello dears.

It’s November already. Whoa.

Here’s a smattering of magical bits from the week:

+Bookshelf Porn, where have you been all of my life? So good I can’t even stand it.(via Go Fug Yourself)


+I’ve been loving Miles Fisher’s blog lately and his FB page as well. The guy is some sort of wunderkind, full of talent and creativity with most excellent links. You must check it out.  It’s been fueling me lately. The pictures are spectacular. He’s the actor who looks like Christian Bale and Tom Cruise had a baby. He also made this stellar video. (originally found via Sweet and Bitter)

+Yogi Green Tea Kombucha has been doing me right lately. A lovely afternoon delight.

+Many thanks to MGMT for getting me through the last week. Oracular Spectacular has been on constant rotation.

+This post by Nerdy Apple Bottom is really good. (found via AD on Facebook) I loved it and it validates the way I feel about my children and how we are raising them.

+Craft night last night with the Briggles and an ELK and a dollop of guest stars. Much needed. And I have a beautifully colored Mandala to show for it.

+The shows Californication and Bored to Death. I watched all 3 seasons of Californication in the span of about 4 days and desperately miss the characters. I love love love it. I’m halfway through Season 1 of Bored to Death. Jason Schwarzman+Ted Danson? Brills. And of course my beloved Zach Galifinakis is in it.

+ the word “brumal", which means “wintry.” You know I’m dying to use that sucker.

Happy (almost) Weekend. Finding the funny on this Thursday afternoon…



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Calmness in the middle of a lot

Yesterday I ran up to PetCo to get dog food. The store is in a huge fairly new shopping center. In the middle of the parking lot there is an empty grass lot just waiting for some bank or sandwich shop or something to be erected. It’s usually empty.

Yesterday, there were two horses in it.

Just randomly hanging out.

No signs, no other people.

Just these two horses.

I was awestruck, as I love horses. No real experience with them really, aside from the normal ride every year or two, but I love them. They are so majestic and mysterious. I daydream about riding a lot. Strange really, as I don’t want to do all of the stuff associated with riding like mucking out a stall or cleaning or shoveling hay or being a farm hand. I just want to ride.


I threw the car in park and got out with that scared/excited feeling in my belly propelling me forward.

I walked quietly over to the fence and one of them came to me.

I let him smell me and stroked his head while I talked to him. Asking him what he was doing here and thanking him for letting me pet him.

I stood there for a  couple more minutes just being with him, noticing the initials MC branded on his ass.

And then I left.

It was like 2 hours of yoga in the span of 4 minutes.

Calming, peaceful and good for the soul.

I went back this afternoon to take a picture.

horses 002

After taking this one I turned around and took another shot of the mountains from the exact same spot.

horses 004

Two things:

1. See! It is a total parking lot.

2. I love Colorado. Look at those mountains. And the blue sky!  I say to the kids at LEAST twice a week “We are so lucky to live somewhere so beautiful.”

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