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Just a Thought…

Been feeling good for a a few days now, which has me in a fantastic mood. Aware that it will probably be ripped away from me, I am relishing each moment. Enjoying the daffodils I bought yesterday. Enjoying the clean house. Enjoying my new candles. Just enjoying. If I try to fit in as much joy and enjoyment as I can, when the shit does hit the fan, it hits me less hard. Perhaps that doesn’t make sense. I feel a longer post coming on…maybe another day.

This morning after yoga, I made a green drink (4 cups spinach + lime) and then watched Gossip Girl. Seriously luxurious. There is lots of laundry to do and I am sllllowwwly working on it but this morning was for me and I didn’t feel a bit of guilt. I did some sit ups as I watched. Does that count? Probably not, as I ate my weight in Dark Chocolate Treasures too. deeeelish.

Doesn’t Karen Walker (will and grace) seem like Blair Waldorf’s biological mother? Think about it.

Speaking of GG…I still have issues with the poor Blake Lively. She’s looking like a tranny lately, people. And still with the marble-y mouth. Oy.

Did we talk about how she’s Robin Lively’s little sister? Good trivia. And how Meg and I LOVE the movie Teen Witch? We quoted it for YEARS. And did anyone catch Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock doing the rap from Teen Witch?

Man, that was really brilliant. Here’s the original. It’s fantastically cheesetastic.

That is all.

PS- Please send out all of your thoughts into the universe to tell my nephew to come out now. My sister is done being pregnant and I’ve been waiting to hold the new little bundle.

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This is why I’m constantly smelling their hair…

I’ve been using this shampoo and spray conditioner on the kids for a little while now and am in love. It’s Pear, smells soooo good and is very gentle. Plus, it’s a local company.

mopsham mopcondit

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If my dog were a detective, his name would be Doo Doo Brown

I've often thought about what my dog Atticus' voice would sound like if he could talk. I think it would be soothing and deep, maybe getting a little higher pitched when he gets anxious. I also think he would brush my hair but that's just me. Maybe because I brush his.

He would tell me how much he wishes he were a littler dog. That way he could get much closer to me by sitting in my lap or laying on my pillow, while I read or peruse the net. We would discuss his allergies and how they plague him. I think we would also have to talk about how the groomer is always so tan and smells like coconut.

Being a 95 lb chocolate lab, he is no little dog. He lays right at my feet wherever I am. He barks in annoyance when I sit at the kitchen banquet/booth for too long, limiting his exposure to me. (He can't get under the table to lay at my feet.) He follows me from room to room and tracks me adoringly with his eyes wherever I go.

And today he is 9 years old.

Happy Birthday, my dog faced boy. I cannot express how much you enrich my life. And I’m sorry I made you wear that hat. I had to because Hadley made it. You understand.

Life in April 2009 016 Life in April 2009 015 Life in April 2009 018

Hadley was responsible for the card and party hat. She also painstakingly worked on his birthday “meat cupcake” comprised of cheese hot dog with a lovely frosting of ham slices.dressed as a fairy. We are going to put in a candle and sing to him in a little while.

Yes, I am aware that this is not normal.

Life in April 2009 024 Life in April 2009 023 Life in April 2009 033

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Let's start from the very beginning, a very good place to start

So, it's a dreary Seattle-ish afternoon and I've reverted to Seattle behavior. The 3 o'clock coffee run. I don't know why I bother because it doesn't do anything for my energy level but it does score high on the coziness scale. Plus, I got one for Peter too so bonus points for kissing husband ass.

Finn started a new Montessori school a few weeks ago and it rules. I want to send these people flowers. Everyday. They get my blue eyed boy and they revel in his brilliance and charm. (In this sentence "charm" means mischievious energetic BURSTS!) I'm sure they think I'm a freak because I'm teary eyed when I drop him off and pick him up. You would be too if the little being who came from your body turns to you when you pick him up from school and says 'THAT was AWESOME!"

I can die now. Well, not just yet.

Finn's playlist on the iPod lately consists of: Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music, Rocking Around the Christmas Tree - Hannah Montana and I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry. He knows all the words to all three songs and just flips back and forth between them. He likes to watch himself and over enunciate to see how his mouth looks. I try desperately not to laugh. He's very soulful about the whole thing.

Sadly, I think my rare bird is regretting chopping her hair. The bastards got her down. I've been trying to put a femme spin on the whole thing (lots of fussing with it in the morning) and keep the adoration level really high. We went and got mani/pedis yesterday together which she loved. This place has KID pedicure chairs. They're shaped like huge animals and have mini DVDs attached to them. Brilliant.

I recently reconnected with a girl (I know we're women now, I still say girl. suck it.) who I went to elementary school with and high school. We reconnected via Facebook and come to find out we both have lupus. What. Are. The. Odds?

We met up and it was so refreshing to finally not be the only one in the room who knows how I feel. My friend Aimee lives in CA and knowing that she understands is really comforting but to be sitting across from someone comparing notes is just sort of indescribable. She kept using really fantastic metaphors for how she felt and I knew EXACTLY what she was talking about. (Felt like you had been dragged by a train for a few miles? DING DING DING! I know that feeling!!!! ...funny to be excited about something like that.) I can't even accurately describe how connecting with her made me feel. More than anything I was glad to help someone navigate the choppy waters of being newly diagnosed. To tell her that she'll be ok. To advise that she stop reading the crazy psychos who post on Lupus websites. To be good to herself.

I know you said I helped you, K. But you have to know how much you have helped me too.

I'm taking myself to see The Reader tonight. Haven't seen it yet (shock) and I want to experience it in the theater. As Meg says "Everything's better in the theater."
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Ok, so a YEAR after starting to play around with moving my blog, I'm finally doing it.

You like?

Clean and simple. Just the way I like it.

We spent Easter with Meg, V, Mia and Mom. It was lovely. The food was insane - salmon, fruit salad, green salad, asparagus, potatoes....with cheesecake for dessert that my darling 9 month pregnant sister made. I feel like a masochist for agreeing to let her host. What was I thinking? She handled it all with grace though as I shuffled around her house in my slippers.

Here's my favorite part.

My memories of childhood include these fantastic decorated butter cookies that my mom would make for every holiday. She made chicks and bunnies this Easter and I was suprised at how moved I was to see them! Love is in the details....

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