If my dog were a detective, his name would be Doo Doo Brown

I've often thought about what my dog Atticus' voice would sound like if he could talk. I think it would be soothing and deep, maybe getting a little higher pitched when he gets anxious. I also think he would brush my hair but that's just me. Maybe because I brush his.

He would tell me how much he wishes he were a littler dog. That way he could get much closer to me by sitting in my lap or laying on my pillow, while I read or peruse the net. We would discuss his allergies and how they plague him. I think we would also have to talk about how the groomer is always so tan and smells like coconut.

Being a 95 lb chocolate lab, he is no little dog. He lays right at my feet wherever I am. He barks in annoyance when I sit at the kitchen banquet/booth for too long, limiting his exposure to me. (He can't get under the table to lay at my feet.) He follows me from room to room and tracks me adoringly with his eyes wherever I go.

And today he is 9 years old.

Happy Birthday, my dog faced boy. I cannot express how much you enrich my life. And I’m sorry I made you wear that hat. I had to because Hadley made it. You understand.

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Hadley was responsible for the card and party hat. She also painstakingly worked on his birthday “meat cupcake” comprised of cheese hot dog with a lovely frosting of ham slices.dressed as a fairy. We are going to put in a candle and sing to him in a little while.

Yes, I am aware that this is not normal.

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