Just a Thought…

Been feeling good for a a few days now, which has me in a fantastic mood. Aware that it will probably be ripped away from me, I am relishing each moment. Enjoying the daffodils I bought yesterday. Enjoying the clean house. Enjoying my new candles. Just enjoying. If I try to fit in as much joy and enjoyment as I can, when the shit does hit the fan, it hits me less hard. Perhaps that doesn’t make sense. I feel a longer post coming on…maybe another day.

This morning after yoga, I made a green drink (4 cups spinach + lime) and then watched Gossip Girl. Seriously luxurious. There is lots of laundry to do and I am sllllowwwly working on it but this morning was for me and I didn’t feel a bit of guilt. I did some sit ups as I watched. Does that count? Probably not, as I ate my weight in Dark Chocolate Treasures too. deeeelish.

Doesn’t Karen Walker (will and grace) seem like Blair Waldorf’s biological mother? Think about it.

Speaking of GG…I still have issues with the poor Blake Lively. She’s looking like a tranny lately, people. And still with the marble-y mouth. Oy.

Did we talk about how she’s Robin Lively’s little sister? Good trivia. And how Meg and I LOVE the movie Teen Witch? We quoted it for YEARS. And did anyone catch Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock doing the rap from Teen Witch?

Man, that was really brilliant. Here’s the original. It’s fantastically cheesetastic.

That is all.

PS- Please send out all of your thoughts into the universe to tell my nephew to come out now. My sister is done being pregnant and I’ve been waiting to hold the new little bundle.