Home Again

So, we’re back from the Bahamas. We had a fantastic time. Absolutely. The kids LOVED every second. Disney Cruise lines totally does it up. They don’t mess around. Great food. Great drinks. Disney crap everywhere. I have been describing it as Disney Kid Vegas on a Boat. Or like being stuck in a Disney pin ball machine, on a boat. (sorry, Scott. SHIP.)  LOTS and LOTS going on ALL the time. And the people. Lots of people. Too many. For me anyway.

Disney Cruise May 2009 009

(this pic was taken the day before we left from Florida. Peter and Scott took all four darlings to Disney World while Lisa and I went to get lunch and mani/pedis. Hell. Yes.)

My two favorite moments were off of the ship. Playing with the dolphins in Nassau and lying on the beach (Castaway Cay) while the kids frolicked and I laid under the umbrella and drank fruity drinks. (no dolphin pics yet…)

Disney Cruise May 2009 067

Disney Cruise May 2009 061 

Disney Cruise May 2009 038

Disney Cruise May 2009 042 Disney Cruise May 2009 050 Disney Cruise May 2009 052

Disney Cruise May 2009 054

We had such a lovely time with Densmores. They made the trip really. Our last night together at dinner was so funny and magical, I replay it all the time in my head. In slow motion. With a soundtrack.  Everyone was happy and relaxed. Just as we were getting the hang of this cruise business, it was over.  I’m a horrible picture taker and NEVER got a shot of both families together or even OUR family together. Oh well…

Disney Cruise May 2009 140

We had the same wait staff every night at dinner. (No, we didn’t have to sit with strangers. It was just our two families) So, by the end the servers knew us well. It was a lovely Disney touch and they were awesome. They were really funny with the kids.

Disney Cruise May 2009 119

I really want Finn to marry Lizzie. They got along like peas and carrots. It was so cute.

I’m glad we did it. Really glad. I can check that off of my list of things to do. However, I will never take another cruise again. We were not meant to be. The cruise and I.

I credit the most adorable PGP for giving me pep talks every 4 hours or so. I would look at him desperately and say “remind me again why this is fun?”  He would sweetly and calmly tell me that it wasn’t about me. It was about Hadley and Finn and they were having the time of their lives. That helped so much. So did sitting around drinking with S&L&P while our children were in the Oceaneer Club being minded by overly excitable and polite Disney cast members. (Who did a bang up job, BTW. Seriously.)

Disney Cruise May 2009 100

We couldn’t keep these two away from the fruity drinks.


We are now fully into summer mode around these parts. So no blogging lately. I’m having writer’s block and just not feeling particularly creative or funny. Feeling pretty good which is a) amazing and b) welcome so I’m trying to amp up my exercise. I have been hogging the Wii Fit and playing endless games with Finn.

I’ll leave you with this gem:

Conversation overheard in the car while listening to Jim Croce’s “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” after Croce sings the line “Badder than Old King Kong…”

Hadley: Who is King Kong?

Finn: Our last President

Hadley: Oh yeah.

and this:

Bumper sticker spotted on a truck in front of me a few days ago:  “Grass, Gas or Ass: No one rides for free”

That one was actually pretty freaking great. Wouldn’t you love to put one of those on a huge Cadillac Escalade that is riddled with McCain/Palin stickers? snicker snicker…

Wishing you leisurely afternoons and some summer fun. If you were here I would make you a spinach+ lime juice and you’d love it.

Shoutout to Moynihans who made my heart burst when they were here last week.


Taylor | June 5, 2009 at 7:40 PM

You're back!!!! It looks like you all had fun in Disney Hell:) We wish we could have been there...Miss you all!