Star Trek is the movie they play all the time in my version of hell

I planned a date of dinner and a movie with Peter. I chose Star Trek because I knew he wanted to see it. I had no desire to see it. None. I would rather have had a tooth extracted than see it. But, in the vein of trying to be a less selfish wife, I wanted to make the effort. Keep in mind I made it VERY clear that I didn’t want to see it and wasn’t I good wife for going to see it? He kept giving me that look. The “it’s not like you’re giving me a kidney” look.

First we went out for delish tapas and I had two glasses of Prosecco which put me in a sparkly mood. I tried not to think about what we were going to see because when I did my brain would bust out the bullhorn and make that WAH WAH EVACUATE EVACUATE!!!! noise. I focused on the onion tartlet with goat cheese and my sweet PGP’s face.

I love movie previews and never like to miss them.  Of course, the 5 previews before Star Trek were ALL sci-fi loud garbage.

I know for a fact that I sighed audibly 4 or 5 times during each preview.

My husband is married to an 13 year old girl.

Star Trek was what it was. If you’re a die hard, then right on. Good for you. Stop reading and don’t squawk to me about the brilliance of it. I kept myself entertained by naming the other things the actors had been in.

Winona Ryder as Spock’s mom was a cute pity casting. Aw, throw good old Winny a bone. Just lock up your valuables.

What about Uhura and Spock randomly making out and having this full on relationship? What the? Where did that come from? I like Zoe Saldana, btw. Hello Center Stage? Loved it.

Chris Pine, who plays Kirk,  has distracting acne scars on his neck and face. He better be careful. He could go the way of Edward James Almos and look like someone has been chewing on his face.

Simon Pegg is brilliant in everything and was great as Scotty. Love him.

The guy who played McCoy was so spot on it was creepy. He looked just like the original guy.

Checkov? Totally distracted by him because he starred in that movie Charlie Bartlett.

I liked Zachary Pinto as Spock. He’s always interesting to watch. Love him as Syrus on Heroes.

Did anyone else notice the random casting of Tyler Perry as the Judge in the scenes where Kirk gets reprimanded? WTF? Maybe he’s a Trekkie.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s over. I’ll never get those two hours back again. Oh and the audience clapped at the end. One guy stood up. Really? C’mon.

Speaking of movies, I really want to see Precious,(the title was previously Push: based on the novel by Sapphire), 500 Days of Summer – can’t WAIT to see this. How cute is Joseph-Gordon Levitt now??? And Lymelife.


This picture is how I’m feeling this morning. Calm, open, positive, relaxed, happy. I would sit at that sidewalk cafe for hours reading, sipping something, people watching and just being.


pic from flickr via sfgirlbybay

Wishing you a luscious Friday. Shout outs to: fancy girls in Paris and a beatific lady with her most perfect root beer float. You inspire me.


Zubair Masoodi | May 22, 2009 at 3:59 AM

you have demonstrated love to peter in a playway method.