Have to Believe it is Magic

The stars aligned last night and my siblings and I were alone at my mom’s house with her. Just the 5 of us. It rarely happens.

Neil was in town on business for one day and the other three sibs dropped everything to spend an evening with him at Mom’s house. There was dinner and wine and lots of laughing. Did I mention there was laughing? No one is funnier than my sibs.

It was energizing and so special to be with these people whom I have known my entire life. Just us. No distractions. They make me stronger and funnier. I liked looking at my mom’s face as she looked at all of us together, beaming with pride. It is difficult to explain the joy I feel being a part of this tribe. They speak my language and accept me unconditionally. I am them and they are me.

No one had a camera, which is both annoying and a blessing, because I would have had to answer all sorts of questions as to why I’m looking like Courtney Love lately, all bedraggled and homeless like.

I did take a few mental pictures though and made sure to tell myself “remember this”.

I love you A,M,N and Mom. You too Dad.