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My baby boy is turning 5 on July 8. This is the picture I used for his invite. It makes me laugh. He just recently got his yellow belt in karate and with that his sparring gear. He wants to wear it ALL. THE. TIME. This includes the athletic sports cup, which is hilarious. Have you ever seen such a tiny apparatus? What you are not seeing in the pic is that he’s naked with just the cup on. So. Funny.


June 2009 081

Here he is a few days ago, reading books before bed. In full protective head gear. Like most people wear to bed.

June 2009 075

Here are some pics from the lupus walk. It was a great success, by the way. We (my mom came too) only walked a mile or so before we bailed. My hips started to really hurt. Peter was leaving the next day for a week and I didn’t need to over do anything. B made SUCH a good point when she said she thought it was ridiculous that people with lupus were made to walk. She said we should have a day where we sit on the couch all day to raise money. She’s hilarious.

Speaking of hilarious, the glasses Finn is wearing below are not real. They are from some Groucho Marx disguise that he dismantled and then wore for days.

Speaking of lupus though, there was a character on Nurse Jackie with lupus last night. I was so excited to see how they portrayed her. Unfortunately, the character did not say a word and was in a wheelchair, coughing, thus perpetuating the myth that lupus is just mysterious and painful enough to garner a wheelchair but no information was given about what the disease actually does to your body. Argh.

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Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer, Crazy Woman | June 30, 2009 at 10:18 PM

Great photos with the padded helmet! As mom to one myself, those should be standard issue for all young boys. And, what a great idea ... bet you'd get lots of sponsors for your next couch fundraiser. Count me in for a donation.