Still Dreaming of a Bike and Enjoying Tumbling

Turns out KTM took pictures the other night at our bike riding escapade!! (pics 12, 15 & 16) I was elated, as my heart is still soaring from the episode. Disregard the fact that I’m wearing a long tube top dress and flip flops, please. I was not aware I would be riding a bike…until two cocktails advised me that it would be fun. And it was. Memories of childhood came crashing through my brain. Loved it. However, I’m not down with a helmet. It’s distracting and uncomfortable. I wanted to feel the wind in my hair. Thanks for the pics, KT!

I have started a Tumblr account. It’s yet another creative outlet. I don’t write much on it, which I like. A blog can be exhausting at times mentally. This is more of a collection of quotes and images that inspire.

Speaking of creative outlet, HJ and I busted out a craft yesterday that turned out quite well. I had a lot of Amy Butler fabric quilting squares that I bought from eBay. (WTF? don’t ask. I can’t sew and don’t know the first thing about quilting.) So we modge podged them to the top of a wooden IKEA children’s table. I’ll take a pic. when we’re done.

Feeling sluggish today and worried about a loved one’s broken heart. Its a shame we don’t have the power to fix everything, isn’t it?

Happy almost 4th of July. Go get some sparklers, Mrs. Jacobs.