J’aime beaucoup


  • Vermont extra sharp white cheese
  • guzzling V-8
  • listening to Phoenix constantly
  • my newly planted flowers (zinnias! oh and my favorite plant I can’t kill – geraniums)
  • purging stuff(I’m married to a pack rat. The crap he keeps BAFFLES me. I’m working on it. Must.Get.Rid.Of.All.Stuff.)
  • feeling incredibly, blissfully grateful for days I feel good (I was down for the count most of the week. miserable.)
  • the fact that my husband watched So You Think You Can Dance with me last night all snugged up on the couch. Such a sweet gesture and I appreciated it. (It was akin to torture for him.)
  • Early evening cocktail of Izze Peach with Grey Goose. Throw in some raspberries too. (brilliant packaging. always love Izze.)
  • Hand sewing a doll with Hadley yesterday out of old socks and tights. (Before you think “aw, how sweet!” I will have you know my little rare bird drove me to drink aforementioned early evening cocktail with all of her “I’m bored. Mooooom, I’m boooored. What else can we do? Huh? Mom? What else?” after we sewed that friggin doll for 3 hours.)
  • my hair being long.
  • Being a Padden


suzanneb | July 10, 2009 at 6:17 PM

love to read about all your padden family stuff. you guys seem so close and have fun together. that's awesome.