Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Hadley is ADAMANT about having a messenger bag next year for second grade. She has VERY specific ideas about what she wants. She also hates everything we have seen. Except this:


She looooooves this and makes this weird, excited panting sound when she sees it.

It’s not that I don’t like it. I just want her to go a BIT more femme.

These were my suggestions:

103297_2_1 aspimage aspimageCAPHG64T

She turns her head and puts her nose in the air.

No PINK! She says. None!

I try to spell out the good points of each of the ones I like. “But look at the beautiful design on this one! And this one has a drawing like something you would do! OooOO! This one has safety pins on it!”

Nope. Don’t like it, Mom.

She lights up again seeing this:


(shaking my head laughing)

Oh, Hadley.

I know for a fact all of the other little girlies will have nothing like this. They will all have their pinky pink or purple backpacks with their initials monogrammed on it. It’s not that I want that. I just don’t want her to stick out. She had a hard time with “the pixie cut of 2009” and I don’t her to be ridiculed. However, I don’t want to raise a follower either. I am proud of her for taking such a stance on something as silly as a backpack. Her sense of style and aesthetic is becoming so strong. I don’t want to squelch that.

So, if you see my darling, strawberry blond rare bird, you’ll be able to pick her out easily. She’ll be the one with the skull messenger bag.


EKJ | July 14, 2009 at 5:10 PM

i'm tellin' you what -- she's got style... too bad no messengers here bc it's got the skull & crossbones with a little preppy flair. dying for one of these polos someday.