Sorry no posting lately, or consistently. I’m feeling hermity. Not in a depressing kind of way.  Just not in the “let me blog about it!” kind of way. Every time I think of blogging, I think …”nah.”

Still vegan and relatively gluten free and loving it. LOV.ING it. It sounds cliché to some but literally, it’s like I’m seeing in color now. I am going to try, however, not to use the word “vegan” as it elicits strange responses from people. (“You’re not going to throw blood on me, are you?” “What DO you EAT??”) The word has such heft and negative connotations for some people that I’m just not interested in dealing with it. It’s a shame really because I like to be concise. Now I’ll have to say something like “Well, I am very particular about what I eat because I have health issues.”

Cooking has become this fun, interesting adventure instead of the usual horrifyingly mundane chore. It helps that the ever fabulous PGP has enthusiastically championed me eating this way and frequently helps cook. (I have to add though that he will cook meat every night and add it to the vegan meal. This makes me laugh.)

I’m currently dealing with heartburn VERY dramatically. It’s all very Sarah Bernhardt. Seriously though. Heartburn blows.  So do stomach bugs, which my family keeps passing around. Over. It.

I hope your Monday is going swimmingly.


Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman | April 16, 2011 at 8:02 PM

Hey there lady -- Catching up on my blog reading and commenting. Hear ya sista' on the not feeling it writing thing ... I go through phases, too. Sucks about that heartburn, yuk, hope it starts to feel better soon. And good for you (that always sounds so trite and condescending, but I REALLY mean Good! For! You!) for taking control and making great life choices. Eff what other people say, but I laughed about the throwing blood thing, so true. Vegan sounds so healthy, I am impressed you are doing this for your health and well-being.
(Mojitos are vegan, right?) Cheers, J