Thursday Loves

  • Music – specifically Cat Stevens, Tennis, Fleetwood Mac, The Weepies
  • Feeling light and zippy (yup, I just said “zippy”)
  • brunches and lunches with people I love
  • Daydreaming about vacations
  • my sister’s post about her recent vacation to Tulum
  • Oliver spooning with me at night under the covers like a nursing infant.
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race
  • Feeling grateful. Every day.
  • The look on Peter’s face when I gave him a snow blower for his birthday
  • This girl’s photostream on Flickr. That blue hair is perfection. I love the shot called “WINTER.”
  • Planning a baby shower and HJ’s birthday party. FUN! The fun part for me is the invites and choosing where to have it. (Baby shower = French restaurant, bday party = funky art workshop for kids) Then I just delegate. It’s too stressful for me any other way.
  • Still alive and cleansing like a mofo. It’s Day 4 and I’ve had some minor missteps along the way but I’m being decidedly chill about it. This isn’t about self-flagellation. It’s about learning what works for my body and about being healthier.

I will say that I’m much more of a juice kind of girl. I love that vibrant green!

Yesterday morning I decided to make a smoothie. I put in some romaine, raspberries, an avocado, a cucumber and some coconut water. It looked so beautiful before I turned on my mighty Vita Mix. After that it was just brown sludge. I literally choked it down. And I was sad because I LOVE all of the ingredients. It tasted pretty good but I just couldn’t get past the texture and color of it.

I feel really really good though. My stomach issues have been non-existent since I started. I don’t know if I can attribute that to the cleanse or the fact that I also started taking Probiotics. Either way, it’s fabulous. Lupus has been relatively quiet as well. Big ups to my friend B, who is kicking arse as well!

Happy almost weekend to you, sweet people of the interwebs.