Be Here Now


Feeling warm, cozy and happy.












Husband and I had a date night last night and that does wonders to rejuvenate the soul, doesn’t it? We saw The Blind Side (sweet and uplifting) and went to dinner. I feel like an arsehole for saying this but as I took my first sip of a martini in the cool, dark restaurant, I heard a small child sqawking and fussing behind me.

I grimaced.


While out and about I like to go places without children. In fact, I kind of like to pretend they don’t exist at all.

I’m just saying.


I question my peaceful, content feeling because of my mom’s situation. Shouldn’t I be fraught with fear and anxiety for her?

I was overcome with it for a while but you can’t go on like that for long. It’s draining and negativity isn’t productive. Instead I am readying myself to be super nursemaid and loving supporter.

We have dealt with this demon before and we will defeat it again. Mom’s surgery is on December 1. My Aunt P is coming into town December 3rd and we are eternally grateful. She will be really helpful in that rough first week.

Peter and I hosted Thanksgiving here for the first time and it went well! Once I let go of the fact that I am NO Martha Stewart (or mom or Monica), the evening was really lovely. Plus, Peter cooked everything so that really only left me with the sweet potatoes to do. And everybody brought a dish so that helped immensely. Mom came (with various necessary Thanksgiving-y decorations) + my bro Andrew and his fam. The previously mentioned Monica is his wife, hostess and cook extraordinaire. She’s like a domestic MacGyver. Give her a hanger, some pasta and plant and she’ll make a lovely dinner for 6. It really should be documented. Fascinating.

The picture above is by Sandra Juto. Nice, eh? I have an ongoing love affair with the Swedes. Design, lifestyle, etc. Taking a coffee break is called a “fika”, or a “fikarast” and is usually accompanied by something sweet. Love it.


I also love the wrist worms she’s wearing. She makes them. Her shop has great stuff.  I have been coveting the wrist worms for about a year but can’t justify buying them because it’s my fingers and hands that are perpetually cold (because of the Raynaud’s) not my damn wrists. But aren’t they cool?

I’ll leave you with my darling Finny who I have been wildly in love with this week. Yesterday morning while the rest of the house slept, he ate 1 waffle and 5 pieces of toast, naked, while sitting in a huge cardboard box. Occasionally he’d stick the plate out and holler “More toast please!” or call me over to the box to kiss him. ::::sigh::: Remember these times I tell myself.

Bijou, who is staying with us over Thanksgiving break, was perplexed by the naked boy in the box.

Thanksgiving2009 012 Thanksgiving2009 015

Happy Saturday to you. I hope it is cozy where you are.


Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman | November 30, 2009 at 8:53 AM

I am so glad to read you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that your mom was able to spend it with you. I am hoping her surgery is uneventful and that she is on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. I'll be thinking of her. She is lucky to have a daughter like you to be her kick @ss nurse. PS I love Finn's all-carb diet! A boy after my own heart!

Kristin | December 13, 2009 at 8:06 PM

Is there anything better than date night? I need to get on that! Prayers for your Mom. : )