Here’s The Thing

Love Alec Baldwin and his podcast cleverly called “Here’s the Thing”.  I find myself saying ‘Here’s the Thing’ a lot lately.

So, here’s the thing.

I bought a pedometer because I wanted to track how much exercise I was getting just by being me.

Everyone has heard that you’re supposed to get at least 10,000 steps a day, right? So, what do I do the first few days I have the thing?

I go balls to the wall and get 12 thousands steps. Just a total maniac. Constantly checking to see if its working and checking the total number of steps. I figured out that normally I’m probably a 5-7 thousand steps a day kind of gal. I’m aware it’s borderline sedentary. I’m not an active person really. Lots of resting up in here. You know, chronic illness and all.

So, after getting the pedometer, I decide I’m going to turn into Jillian Michaels and bust my ass. Cut to the third day after “Pedometergate” and my system (riddled with lupus mind you) responds with “Are you shitting me?” and immediately shuts down all operations.


Full on. I was pissed.

And then pissed at myself.

And then thought the whole thing was funny.

After I was pissed for a few days of course.

So, now because I’m terrified I’ll throw myself into a flare again, it’s 3:30 and I’m at 1600 steps.

Apparently, I’m all about extremes.