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I haven’t been blogging my darlings. Laziness, I suspect and a bit of constricting writer’s block. Well, not writer’s block but “oh who cares about that? block”. Anything interesting I would just throw up on Facebook or just ignore it.

School is in full swing, which is GLORIOUS. (Typing that just reminded me of Laura Branigan’s song GLORIA, so now that will be stuck in both of our heads. You’re Welcome.)

Things making me really happy:

  • We’re going to The Broadmoor Labor Day weekend for a night. I just up and booked it. Have wanted to do it for forever and just hadn’t done it. We’re going to go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo first, then check in, go to the pool and Peter and I are going to lie in beach chair sipping cocktails while our kids frolic. Then we’re going to grab dinner and explore the grounds. I promised Hadley we’d have breakfast in bed via room service, which she is super excited about. As am I. Of course, now that I’ve mapped all of this out and have expectations, none of it will happen.

  • This article about Tavi and Ira. Hearts and rainbows were shooting out of my head when I was reading it. I love them both.


  • I’ve almost gotten all of the wallpaper down from the kitchen!!!! This is HUGE, you guys. Or as Donald Trump would say “Youge.” It’s been more than a year that the wallpaper has remained partway torn down. It’s just hard and really high up all over the kitchen…and life gets in the way. And I’m lazy.  Look.

LivingRoom&Kitchen 020

See? Makes. Me. Murderous. Those are potted plants. But now it’s GONE! I have big plans. And that gross light is gone. And the table is on it’s way out.


LivingRoom&Kitchen 026

You know what else drives me batty? TILE. It’s everywhere. All kitchen and bathrooms have this tile. ARGH. AND…your eyes do not deceive you. That green and beige border tile? It has fruit on it. Yes. Fruit. Hideous.

BUT! There is hope. My lovely Karrie of Happy Habitat is going to come save the day and consult me on what to do to my house décor wise. (No pressure, Kar.) She has the greatest eye.

  • And last but certainly not least… We saw The Book of Mormon!!! Tickets sold out in 4 hours and I was on 2 phones and 2 computers to make sure I got them. It did NOT disappoint.  It’s everything everyone says it is and more. It just is. Perfectly profane and funny and smart. We saw a matinee and I just wanted to line back up and see the 7pm show.

Happy day to you, noodles. To combat my fierce PMS, I’m going to get some sun on my face and blare pop music as I run errands. Wish me luck.


Happy Habitat | September 6, 2012 at 8:07 AM

yeah, well, you didn't show me those pics before. i don't think i'm coming now.

Happy Habitat | September 6, 2012 at 8:08 AM

yeah, well, you didn't show me those pics before. i don't think i'm coming now.

Emily | September 6, 2012 at 12:45 PM

Sorry. Can't back out now, Karrie!!