Oh So Quiet

I quit Facebook and it was awesome.

I have been debating it for YEARS. Years, I tell you.

There were so many things I hated about it but I just kept checking it every 10 minutes like a trained chimp. (For the record, there were some great things too. Just not as many as the annoying ones.)

It was a lot of noise and distraction and frankly, stuff that I didn’t care about or need to know. There was also the element of “LOOK HOW MUCH MORE FUN WE ARE HAVING THAN YOU!” Something that has proven leads to depression in some folks. And that is definitely something I do not need help with, thankyouverymuch.

After deactivating my account, I felt immense relief. Like, crazy amounts of relief.
Then panic set in. What if no one misses me? What if no one knows I’m gone? Where will I put all of the pithy comments I come up with and all of the cute pictures? How will I know what’s going on?
A classic case of FOMO.
Fear Of Missing Out.

And the nurturing voice in my head said “It’s OK.”
And it is.

Hope your summer has been swell. I got semi tan for about a week and have eaten massive amounts of berries.


Mel | August 16, 2014 at 8:31 PM

I hit the "delete account button" a little over a year ago and I honestly will never go back! I agree with your statement about how much fun everyone ELSE is having...and I also hated knowing so much about people I worked with but didn't know very well. I would walk the halls, looking at people, thinking "I know you were drunk Saturday night and not because we are friends enough that you had told me!" Good for you! There are so many other creative ways to enjoy living online : ) Not that I do that much, either, as having Internet would be key to that...Thinking of you and hoping you are well! XO Melanie

The Wife | August 26, 2014 at 10:04 AM

I noticed! I tried to message you with a question about Denver and then was like, hey! where'd she go! but, I totally get it. Anyway, care to share an email address that I can send a message to?