Thursday Loves

First of all, I’m at a Panera, so that’s exciting. Solely because of my proximity to all of the bread products. Finn has karate next door so I’m making out with a bagel and drinking their iced green tea while he gets his ninja on.

Have you noticed that the green tea tastes nothing like green tea, but it so good?  It’s probably green tea with boatloads of sweetener and crack. Mmmmm.

ELKs party on Sat night ruled. I had a most Excellent time. The capital E was for emphasis. (KT&A were sorely missed tho.) Such an Excellent time that I was terribly hung over the next day, which then turned into a horrible cold/cough. Awesome. I am on the tail end of it and happy it is coming to an end. All week, I would get up to help get the kids off to school and then go back to bed until 12:30. Just. So. Tired. And achy. The cold/cough gave way to a mini Lupus flare. My sister made a good point when she said “At least you had a REALLY good time. That would have sucked if you had flared after something dumb.”

Indeed sage sister, indeed.

Thursday loves…


  • I bought this rug today from FLOR for our foyer/hallway. I’ve been wanting to try this company for a while now. I love the concept. If it gets dirty or soiled, you just take that square off and run it under water or clean it. Genius.
  • the word “invaginate”. I know. Ew,right? The oncologist used it and I swear I didn’t hear anything she said after that for a good 10 minutes. I was wondering how I could subtly use it in a sentence. So bizarre and kooky.
  • The fact that my mom DOES NOT have to do chemo!!! HURRAH! Turns out the tumor wasn’t HER2-neu+ after all. Cancer is SUCH a roller coaster of emotions. It’s insane. SO many ups and downs and SO much info. I’m just so proud of her.
  • My implant surgery is coming up. (jan 6) I’m so looking forward to this boob bullshit to be over. I had my pre-op appointment today and all is well. I’m feeling good (aside from the heinous cold) and the expanders are just part of what I deal with now. It’ll be good to have them out. You’ll be happy to know the flashing and grabbing my own breasts has slowed down. Although I did drag S into the bathroom at ELKs to show her the goods. Only one person though. That’s pretty good, especially with me cocktailing. It could have gotten ugly.
  • Christmas music mix on my iPod. It’s on constantly at home. Love it. Especially Vince Guaraldi Trio. My fave. Finn’s too, which I love.
  • SmartWool socks. They are the ultimate, especially with my perpetually cold feet.
  • Listening to Pete Townshend’s  “Let My Love Open The Door” in the car with the window open on a gorgeous Colorado day.
  • Teaching my munchkins the importance of lotion. I gave Hadley a tube of Skin Food for her backpack. So cute.
  • Roundabouts – they are rare and fantastic. Most people freak out while driving in them but I love them. They make me happy.
  • my bed. always my bed.
  • The Sing Off. Are you watching this? I love it. I love NOTA and Beezlbubs. I kind of think it would be too easy if Beezlbubs won. Everyone knows they rule. I’ve known about them since i was in 8th grade. I love Ben Folds and Shawn WhatshisBoyztoMen but Nicole Sherzinger? Please. She’s the Paula Abdul. Does she or does she not sound like she took a Quaalude before the show? Paula Abdul syndrome for sure. And the things she says are worthless. I fast forward through her. Thank you DVR.

Hope your week was swell and that you’re not letting the holiday madness get to you.


Sheri Nugent | December 17, 2009 at 6:05 PM

I love FLOR! I used to get their mailings all the time and fantasized about what patterns I would create. But I never did order anything. Good for you!

Roundabouts are SO AWESOME. I learned when I lived in England. In a pub. Someone drew the correct procedure out for me on a cocktail napkin. After I confessed that people keep honking at me in roundabouts and I couldn't figure out why. Now I can ROCK IT in a roundabout! And you too? Fantastic!

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman | December 17, 2009 at 8:55 PM

First of all - NO CHEMO FOR YOUR MOM! (can you hear my yelling from many states away?). That is amazing news! I am so happy for her. Chemo seems like such a nightmare to endure. Wonderful, happy, truly joyful holiday news.

And not nearly as important, but bagels. I went to second base with an asiago one from Panera + sun-dried tomato cream cheese just this morning. If he (it?) does not call, so worth it.

Third, your boobs. Will be checking in on you via the Internets. I appreciate your restraint and class; I would totally be flashing ...especially if cocktails were in the mix.

Hope that cold leaves you sooner rather than later.

Cheers! Sending you some hugs and virtual eggnog and happy holiday wishes! XO, J