Thursday Loves

  • Finn still calls a grilled cheese a “girl cheese.” I do not correct him because it’s so friggin cute. I suppose I should considering I thought “whipped cream” was “whup cream” until I was like, 15. (Don’t blame me. I spent my life in Texas until I was 11.)
  • No obligations today = an easy and relaxing morning.
  • I want this in my house somewhere. They’re grass installments. I like the hanging ball. So cool. (via swissmiss)
  • My heart swelled like a mama looking at Tavi (the 13 year old fashion blogger) all gussied up in Miu Miu channeling Courtney Love. She looks so pretty and grown up!
  • The stellar phlebotomist this morning who took copious amounts of my blood. I’m not even kidding. A good blood draw can make your day. I literally didn’t feel a thing. I was detailing everything to H&F about what was going on. Finn couldn’t watch. He stood in the hallway. (sweet boy!) Hadley, of course, was all up in the guy’s business, asking questions and watching my face. She would have drawn the blood herself if would have let her.
  • MUSIC! My car stereo (does that date me?) broke and I have been suffering. I didn’t realize how much until today. It all sort of clicked. No music = unhappy mama.
  • United States of Tara and Nurse Jackie did not disappoint. I forgot how much I LOVE United States of Tara. It’s been so long since the first season.  I love the opening sequence. I cannot look away when Toni Collette is onscreen. I just find her so fascinating and beautiful. I also dig the daughter Kate (Brie Larson). She’s hysterical and I love her style. The whole show is fabulous.
  • I like this sign from Sundance


  • Annie’s fruit snacks are my children’s crack. Specifically the “berry patch” flavor.  I wondered “Could they really be that good?” after going through yet another box. (There are only like 6 packets in the box, which sucks)  The answer is yes. I don’t like fruit snacks. I think they are boring and waxy and a waste of energy to chew. But THESE! Melt in your mouth delicious I tell you.
  • I blame the arrival of Spring for the overwhelming urge to shop and update my closet. And by “update” you know I mean “get more jeans, black, grey and white t-shirts”. I want to SHOP. Actually, I want to be styled. I want to go to Saks and sit and have someone style me, appropriately and then leave with a new wardrobe.

At what point do I seek help because I’m STILL mad Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock? Anyone?

Another totally random side note: I’ve been finding myself censoring lately, which is dangerous. Hopefully, it’ll pass.

A bientot.


Taylor | March 25, 2010 at 8:02 PM

You are in good company, I too am very mad at Jesse James.

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman | March 26, 2010 at 8:09 PM

As always, your blog post spurs many a comment from me:

1) Girl cheese! Must write that down so you can tell him that when he is 30.

2) I cannot keep fruit snacks in my house. I will binge and eat the entire box in like an hour (and then hide the wrappers in the trash so nobody knows I ate six kids' fruit packets in one sitting. Normal?) I am pretty sure crack is the second ingredient on the list. After unicorn dust.

3) YES! about the blood draw. Had the best IV tech yesterday and was seriously shaking about it before-the-fact. So nervous and he did such a great job. Nary a pinch. A pro makes all the difference. And, I am with Finn, totally hiding around the corner from the blood if given the choice. H is too much, that is one brave little one. Maybe she'll be a doctor?

4) JESSE JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I got.

KT | March 29, 2010 at 2:14 PM

I still call those one things 'wind meals' and I like to read 'Poi-ems', also because of Texas.