And at that moment, the world was sort of small and perfect




Hello world.

Life is speeding by, is it not?


I’m enjoying it and trying not to spill my Fun Dip.

Lupus wise, all is quiet but of course, there is other drama. There always is, you know. My stomach is on strike. Something is amiss. It sucks. The doc’s doing an endoscopy on the 16th and that can’t come soon enough. Blech. He gave me some meds (Dexilant)that worked up until a few days ago when it just. stopped. BLARG. Constant pain. No appetite but I have to eat to have energy. I’ve been off dairy for a week and a half. Nothing.  I’m trying to ignore it and push forward because I have shit to do, dammit. My darling Finny’s 6th birthday is tomorrow with his party on Saturday. Then, on Sunday, the rare bird, HJ, flies across the country (alone – her 2nd time – no big whoop) to stay with Grammy and Bompie in Asheville, NC. See? I don’t have time for ailments. (Funny side note: Hadley asked if a town car could come pick her up and take her to the airport. (What fear?) Sorry child, you’ll have to deal with your pedestrian parents taking your 8 year old ass to the airport.)

PLUS, you would think with stomach issues that perhaps I would lose a few pounds? Um, no. Instead, I have convinced myself that someone snuck into my house and washed all of my clothes on the hot cycle. Must.Not.Pop.Button up here in Bloat City.

Here are things that have been making me happy lately:

+The 4th of July. It was everything it is supposed to be: family, fireworks, fun, delicious picnic food, chaotic and strangely delicious even though it rained and was cold. The soundtrack the whole weekend was The Beach Boys, which helped greatly in creating a breezy, happy vibe.

+ So You Think You Can Dance – The passion and joy of these dancers is inspiring, really, as cheesy as it sounds. They’re young and eager and talented. It’s just refreshing. And who doesn’t love that Cat Deeley?

+ stolen moments alone – usually while driving, with music picked to suit my mood blaring from the speakers so loud I can feel it in my skin.

+being at the library

+swimming. Even though I could surely tell the kids that I wasn’t going to get in, because they can swim on their own, I always get in. And it never fails to feel fantastically refreshing.

+Russell Brand. The British accent coupled with rapier wit and fantastic vocabulary makes me extremely happy. I don’t find anything attractive about him physically, quite frankly. It’s all about the brain.

+being productive. I’ve had a surge of energy as of late and I’ve been using every last bit of it. It’s rare for me to feel fully productive and it feels amazing. (I’m talking about doing…gasp!…three things in one day, like mowing the lawn AND going to the grocery store AND cleaning a few rooms. Seriously, that’s unheard of in my world.)

+my tomato plant. I don’t grow things. I’m not good at it. But this little sucker is doing well and thriving! (Wait, strike that. I do geraniums but you can’t kill them.)

+Hadley’s new gecko, Sunny. Now, I was against this thing in the beginning, but she has warmed my heart. I know you shouldn’t anthropomorphize a stupid lizard but she is quickly becoming a much loved Provost. (sorry for the crap photo quality. It’s from my phone.)


Happy day to you, Chicklettes.


Meghan Pellegrino | July 7, 2010 at 10:13 PM

Nice use of the word anthropomorphize. Sunny....sigh....such a lucky gecko to call herself a Provoster.

Emily | July 8, 2010 at 10:03 AM

I thought you'd like that, sis.

My kids are so used to me saying "nice use of the word (insert word)" that now after they use an impressive word they'll say "Isn't that a nice use of the word, Mom?"

And Sunny Provost is one damn lucky gecko. We are to take her outside for 20 minutes of sunshine a day (a girl has to get her vitamin D after all) and catch bugs from outside to feed her to keep variety in her diet. Next will be getting the little beast a trainer. HA.

Beth | July 8, 2010 at 10:17 AM

I had to look up anthropormophize. I guess I anthropormophize every little creature, nothing wrong with that, right?

Emily | July 8, 2010 at 11:50 AM

Oh, I do too, B. I've never even contemplated a lizard before but considering I anthropomorphize spiders and bugs, I should have assumed I'd do it to a gecko too!

Sheri Nugent | July 9, 2010 at 8:48 AM

LOVE SYTYCD and Cat Deeley. I love how she defends the contestents when the judging gets too harsh. This is my favorite summer show. Also - OF COURSE - you too love Russell Brand, my culture sister. I LOVE him! For all the reasons you do.