Thursday Loves (Friday edition)




+my new suit from Athleta. LOVE IT!

+ Fabulous artwork (via Swissmiss)

+ Sweet, cheap glasses

+ taking care of myself, having energy and feeling good

+singing “Frere Jacques” to Luca with Meg as she changed his diaper, thinking about how much I love her and also how we kind of sounded good!

+ This site is super cool and not too spendy. I love the idea of having clothes customized. I have my eye on a couple of frocks.

+ The homeless guy who did a little jig when I gave him money a few weeks ago.

+ When H’s little friend said “I like your hair, Mrs. Provost.” It was a weird mixture of flattery and feeling really really old.

+ Bookshelf porn. Is it just me that thinks books are hot?

+ Looking forward to a trip to Sayulita in January with my besties.

+ Enjoying eating really really clean. My gastroenterologist is trying to figure out my latest ailment (probably an ulcer. sweet!) so he has taken me off of dairy for 2-3 weeks.  I feel really really good. And it’s not too terrible. Of course it’s only day 4. I’m breaking out though, which I could do without.

+ Peanut Butter Cups from Alicia Silverstone’s vegan cookbook The Kind Diet. I didn’t make them, my sis did, but MAN, are they goooooooood.

+ Reading reading reading and reading some more. (more on that another day)

Wishing you a sparkly holiday with people you adore.



Meg | July 2, 2010 at 9:08 PM

We DID sound good singing to Luca! I was sort of thinking we should branch out - diversify if you will - and start a little folky indie type of sister band rock thing. I love your Friday Loves lists....very inspiring always. Off to pour over some of your links.