Peep and other furry things

Hadley’s 2nd grade class has been closely observing chicken eggs for a bit now waiting for them to hatch. Each class has their own batch.

One finally hatched! You would think she birthed this little guy herself she’s so excited and proud.

And of course, now she wants a chicken.


Cute as hell, right? See? I want one now too. The class named him Stripe but Hadley renamed him “Bandit” in her head, which I like better too. Is that not the sweetest face?

Speaking of the sweetest faces, my dog faced boy has a cone on his head. The poor dear. Every time I look at him, I laugh uncontrollably and then say “Aw, I’m sorry sweetie.”  He has massive allergy issues. Which is just fancy talk for “you’re going to have to pay a lot of money at the vet every few months”. Oh, how I love my dog.

While getting dog food yesterday, I saw the most beautiful big cat with only one eye up for adoption. He was so handsome and HUGE. I had a moment with him and wanted him so bad. But then I remembered I don’t like really like cats. (Except Stan. Those of you who remember him, know he ruled. RIP Stan.)

Doing ok boob-wise. Not pain per se, more uncomfortable. At this point, I feel horrifically engorged. All of you mamas know the feeling. I keep thinking I need to pump or nurse a non-existent baby. Nope. Not the case.

Of course, just when I start to feel better…Thursday rolls around and its time for another fill. This week should be the last though. Or the second to the last. Whew.

My proclivity to flash people has been less, but that could be that I was just sick. We’ll see what the rest of the week brings…