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Alert the presses. I’m starting to feel like a normal person! Ok, maybe not completely normal yet. I’m still Franken-boobies with an 8 inch hurty scar across my belly, but I’m getting there. I feel like I can move on with my life now which is so freeing. I’ve been carrying this backpack of breast cancer weight all freaking year and now I can drop it.

The knips look like they got into a drunken, bloody brawl so they are all bandaged up and have these foam donut things around them to protect them. They don’t hurt or anything because I have no sensation in my breasts. I have to wear this donut ridiculousness for a few more weeks, which blows, but whatever. I’m just layering jog bras with tank tops and t-shirts and sporting soft yoga pants.

Um, ok, so I’m basically wearing the same thing I always wear.

I tried wearing jeans a few days ago and that hurt like a mother scratcher. No thank you.

The PA was telling me that if jeans continue to bother me and rub my scar, I can wear spanx under my jeans.

I’m sorry?

I just ignored that part because the thought of wearing spanx under jeans make me a little nauseous. And the thought of the scar bothering me for longer than a few months pissed me off/freaked me out so I ignored that part too.

I’m craving asparagus so I’m off to the grocery. Happy Wednesday, lovers

PS- The Book Of Awesome is out, which is well, awesome. Here’s a great interview with the author, Neil Pasricha. He is so positive and optimistic. I love it. I’m sure you’ve seen his site, 1000 Awesome Things. It’s a lovely treat and makes me happy.


Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman | April 21, 2010 at 10:57 AM

Spanx under jeans??? And then you fired the PA, right?