Thanks, Easter Bunny. Bok! Bok!

The night before Easter, Hadley said “So, is there really an Easter bunny or is it you?”

Peter and I were bustling around the kitchen so I mouthed “HELP!” to him.

“It’s us,” he said.

I wish I had a picture of the look on her face. There was a little bit of disappointment but it was mostly wonder and delight at knowing a secret.

I’m glad we told her the truth, of course, but I felt some sadness too, knowing that moment and her belief in the bunny, would be one more thing to shed as she quickly grows up.

We swore her to secrecy even though she was busting at the seams to tell SOMEBODY that the jig was up and she KNEW!

We had a lovely Easter brunch over at Mom’s with Paddens and Pellegrinos. So delicious. Owen and Lyla hid eggs for the little cousins to find. It was so sweet.

Easter2010 003

Mia, Hadley with Luca on her lap, Owen (standing), Lyla with Ottilia in her lap and Finn.

Easter2010 012

Hadley left our house in a darling floral sundress. I do not have a picture of her in it because as soon as we got to Nana’s house, she found a new outfit amidst all of the stuff my mom has saved over the years.

She is wearing my (or Meg’s) Catholic grade school uniform skirt, her own white t-shirt with a lace dickey she found and some random headband flower thing that I probably got at a renaissance festival in 8th grade.

We love our rare bird. Isn’t she awesome?

Here’s the best part:

She wore it to school today too. (minus the headband and dickey)

Easter2010 009

Finn forgot his basket at home, so we improvised and gave him a bucket to find eggs.

Easter2010 013

I was feeling so much better after a visit to the rheumatologist on Friday. They gave me an “IV Push” of Solumedrol (steroids) to get me through the flare. I really do hate steroids but I was desperate and this is fast acting and leaves your system quickly.

Such a weird experience to walk into a room where other people are all hooked up to IVs, sitting quietly and looking sick.

It immediately made me uncomfortable and I knew I had to lighten the mood.

The nurse asked me something and I told her that I didn’t have enough room in my brain to remember everything because I was currently so enmeshed in the Sandra Bullock/Jesse James scandal.

As soon as I said that, everyone lit up and started chatting about what they knew or had heard. We had ourselves a celeb gossip session for the next 30 minutes.

I was relieved.

I could NOT have stayed there with the stale air, silence and somber mood.

She gave me the injection via IV and then had me stay there for 30 minutes so they could make sure I didn’t have any reactions.

And then I was on my way.

By Saturday morning, I felt SO much better. The pain was much less intense although I did feel the speed-like effects of the steroids, which is kind of annoying. Gritting my teeth and feeling like I had too much caffeine.

I  hope you and yours had a lovely weekend full of Easter candy and togetherness.


katie_hoffman | April 5, 2010 at 5:45 PM

Never have I seen an All Souls uniform look so COOL!

Emily | April 5, 2010 at 11:36 PM

HI best blog post of 2010. That top picture is timeless-iIt's so la familia! hug.

Mel | April 7, 2010 at 7:29 AM

OMG-I am having flashbacks with that uniform! I had the exact one!

I also remember the chemo room...similar to your experience-a bunch of people sitting around with cancer hooked to IVs. The nurses were really good about making sure the room felt upbeat-they buzzed around chatting with the patients and family members.

Glad to hear you are feeling better!