Still Life

Ok, so our little jaunt to Utah was lovely. Exhausting but lovely. To be able to take time out and be with my mom and my girl was so wonderful and necessary.

JHackworth-Utahtrip2010 001  JHackworth-Utahtrip2010 007 

I had never been to Utah. So so so pretty. Really. Provo is nestled right in the mountains. It was beautifully distracting.  

Mom, HJ and I hit up the three ‘must eat’ places that Justin suggested, which delighted me to no end because 1) I love to cross things off my list and 2) i love good non-chain food.

We went to Rooster for dinner, then Communal for lunch the next day and Pizzeria 712 for dinner that night. I was delighted to see artwork by Nikki McClure on the walls at Rooster.

JHackworth-Utahtrip2010 005

JHackworth-Utahtrip2010 002

JHackworth-Utahtrip2010 012

JHackworth-Utahtrip2010 013

These places did not disappoint! Delicious. I was so proud of Hadley. She was so adult about all of it. At Communal, she just sidled up to the chef at the bar and promptly wrapped him around her little finger until he made her pasta with butter. So sweet.

JHackworth-Utahtrip2010 010

AND…I would like to publicly thank PGP for insisting that he put some GPS thingy on my phone. I went nuts with that thing and was SO glad to have had it.

The photo session was awesome. Charismatic and super sweet Justin Hackworth rules. He was immediately like a great friend or family even. Hadley LOVED him as he spoke “quirky kid” fluently and was so patient and sweet with our rare bird.

His office and studio space would have told me he ruled even before I met him. Tons of light (bien sur), high ceilings, a piano, huge comfy couch & good tunes (blind pilot).

In fact, this couch shot makes me laugh because Justin was actually shooting my mom at the time. I saw this poofy, comfy leather couch and collapsed while I was waiting for my turn. Hadley played on the piano nearby. All of a sudden, Justin says “Ok, stay there. Don’t move.” and starts taking pictures of me, exactly as I had sat down in a rumpled mess on the couch.

This is what I’m doing most days:

Justin Hackworth Photography

Here are some others that I just loved…The guy can do no wrong. I would also like to point out that I’ve been trying REALLY hard to be objective and look at these as the art that they are instead of nitpicking every little thing I dislike about myself. …sigh…it’s a process.

Justin Hackworth Photography

Justin Hackworth Photography

Justin Hackworth Photography Justin Hackworth Photography

Justin Hackworth Photography Justin Hackworth Photography

Justin Hackworth Photography

Justin Hackworth Photography

Justin Hackworth Photography

Justin Hackworth Photography

This one of me and Hadley is probably my absolute favorite. It makes my heart hurt for so many reasons…I love it.

Justin Hackworth Photography

Justin Hackworth Photography

Justin Hackworth Photography

This is the paparazzi shot. Love it. We were walking by this funky mural when he shot it. I know I know…you’re thinking “funky in Provo?” but there is some funk. It’s like newly sprouted funk but it’s there. Justin’s on a committee to bring the funk to Provo. For reals. He could totally do it.

I was so excited to be a part of his 30 Strangers project. Here is the link to our day if you haven’t seen it. I love checking out the new shots every few days.

THANK YOU AGAIN TO JUSTIN HACKWORTH! You’re OUR new favorite person, too.

In other news, my LAST surgery is TODAY! Woo hoo! Yes, that’s right kids, mama’s getting knipples. (remember I changed the spelling to avoid the pervs)

Like an idiot, I agreed to surgery at 2:45 so no food or drink from 6am on. ARGH. I keep swishing water around in my mouth and then spitting it out.

The procedure should take about 90 minutes and the recovery time should be minimal. Bring it on.


theconciergemom | April 14, 2010 at 9:36 PM

Beautiful beautiful pictures! Love that you thought to do with this with your daughter and your mother. You guys look amazing and I really like the style. Now I need to get to Provo someday!

Associate Girl | April 15, 2010 at 6:32 AM

Awww - First of all, the pictures are beautiful. I love the one of you and your mom holding hands. Second of all, what a lovely girls trip. I have heard wonderful things about Utah. What a treasure - the time and the pictures.

Sheri Nugent | April 15, 2010 at 10:23 AM

Your favorite photo is mine as well. I just can't get over how wonderful these photos are.

Crystal | April 15, 2010 at 4:45 PM

Wonderful pics of your mighty trio. And thanks for the reminder that nitpicking is bullshit - every shot of you is just gorgeous, dear.

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman | April 17, 2010 at 2:14 PM

These photos are breathtaking. Stunning. Love that you were able to capture three generations of gorgeous, strong women (well, H, a woman-in-training, but sounds like she is wise beyond her years) on film. These will be treasured by your family, I'm sure.