how to be alone

Peter has been traveling a lot lately. He works from home so when he’s gone and the kids are at school, it is, as Bjork would say, “oh so quiet.”

And I love it. I really really love to be alone. It fuels me. Sometimes I find myself smiling for no reason. I’m always surprised at people who won’t go anywhere by themselves. A movie. Dinner. Exploring. Anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love being social as well, it’s just a delicate balance. I can’t enjoy one without the other. I NEED to be alone or I can’t function.

I found this video absolutely breathtaking and inspiring. I love everything about it. It is aptly titled “how to be alone.”



                                                   found via dailypoetics

I hesitate sometimes to write about how I’m feeling physically because who really cares, right? No one wants to hear the daily blathering of a sick girl.

However, it soothes me if I put it down somewhere. Take it from my brain where the pain makes me feel crazy and like I somehow made it up. Sort of like if you have a host of things to do swimming in your head, write them down and it will free up space and energy. You, readers, are my sounding board, so thank you.

I’m down to the minimum of my pain meds and my body is well aware. I am exhausted and so achy that the stairs are my enemy. The stomach problems persist. MOTHERF*CK. I just can’t win.

Husband flew home today and we snuck in a nap before the kids got home from school, which was a cozy highlight of the day.


Mel | August 13, 2010 at 9:14 PM

Love, love, LOVE this video! I can be alone, no problem, in a variety of settings. Dinner at a romantic restaurant? Check. At a movie? Check. In a car along the coastline? Check. For others, a video like this may help them don a book, take it to their favorite restaurant, and say, "dinner for one."

Love you, Em.