I am…

…really wanting this shirt. Beard love!


…starting to feel a little better, although the nausea lingers. Puke.

…devouring “Boardwalk Empire” – SO GOOD!

…pouting over extra poundage. (I know, I know, no one wants to hear skinny people complain that they feel fat, but suck it. This is my blog and I can have fat days too.)

…searching etsy for valentine’s cards for the kids to give out. I hate the cartoony ones.

…wanting to buy this so I can learn Spanish

…still feeling loose and relaxed from a massage yesterday. Nothing like a masseuse with intuitive hands

…trolling cute invitation sites for HJ’s birthday party invites and a lovely friend’s baby shower invites. I heart great paper coupled with exquisite typography. It’s kind of my porn.

…excited to see The King’s Speech tomorrow

…dreaming of our next vacation

…eating Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt. OMG. (see earlier line point about extra poundage)

…looking forward to brunch with my mama and family this weekend

…reading this book and this one too and loving both.

…needing to get my hair cut. I’m starting to look like Cousin It.   


Happy Weekend.