Thursday Loves



Hello little squirrels.

Here are some things I’ve been loving lately:

  • the glitter red nail polish on my toes. They were like portable Christmas ornaments all through December.
  • big black crows. They fascinate me and their squawking makes me laugh.
  • wearing hot pink underwear under my usual utilitarian every day black garb
  • my lavender body oil, which leaves my skin supple and me smelling a bit like the Patchouli wearing boys in college I found so irresistible
  • watching back seasons of Dexter
  • the effects of deep conditioner on my locks
  • Crepes with Nutella (let’s be honest, ANYTHING with Nutella)
  • People who hold the door even when you’re more than 10 steps away
  • The bookstore. Everything about it. I feel a sense of panic about only choosing a few books. Almost like at the dog pound, I want to take them ALL home. (I finally chose Patti Smith’s memoir “Just Kids” and Mary Karr’s “Lit” for Mexico, even though I walked around petting Steve Martin’s An Object of Beauty for 20 minutes. I also ordered Poser: My Life in 23 Yoga Poses)
  • Oliver, our puppy, goes to the tub, jumps in and then cries because he can’t get out. Every night. It makes me laugh. I swear I’ve seen Atticus roll his eyes at this.
  • Hadley’s CONSTANT and I mean, CONSTANT, singing. She’s been on a Feist kick lately, which amuses me because she changes the words to all of the songs. She’s also experimenting with her vibrato.
  • The thought of a fresh, new year unfolding before me.
  • practicing yoga regularly. It’s going to keep me out of the looney bin, y’all.
  • Planning our next trip. My wanderlust is out of control.
  • Speaking of wanderlust, we leave for Sayulita soon! So excited. I’ll be the super pale one with two bruised, skinned knees and a massively bruised left foot. I fell down the last two basement stairs putting away Christmas decorations. Idiot. I lay there for a few moments crying, then realized I was going to be ok, so I stood up, dusted myself off and limped off to ice everything.
  • This American Life on NPR. It always makes me think or smile or both.

I hope today brings you a welcome surprise or at least a few things that make you laugh out loud.