This Makes Me Happy


I love this video from swissmiss.

Trying to remain positive whilst lying in bed with the Hadley. We have a stomach flu/virus. Puke. Literally. Puking is so traumatic too. You know how after you puke something, you can’t eat it for a LONG time?

Yeah, nice knowing you cheese pizza. Blech.

I’m smiling now thinking of a movie…can’t recall which one…but one of the characters says ‘I’m one stomach virus away from my goal weight!’


Or not.

Because stomach viruses suck.

No puking today, we’re both just WIPED out.

Finn seems to be over it so I took him to school this morning. I think he was over it yesterday but I was puking and couldn’t take him to school. (PGP is out of town) We stayed in our jammies all day and he was such a lamb as Hadley and I moved from one couch or bed to another. I was literally counting the hours, knowing today had to be better.

As crappy as we feel, it’s nice to lie here in the big white bed with the rare bird. I love her so.


Michelle | February 2, 2010 at 9:20 AM

Love that!

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman | February 2, 2010 at 12:42 PM

Devil Wear Prada: Emily Blunt as the assistant to Meryl Streep. You are welcome!

We have the pukes here too, was up all night with pukey kid who only let me sleep for 3 hrs total but for some reason, is all bright and shiny and Pay Attention TO ME! LOOK AT ME! this afternoon. I, um, am not. Scale back the energy buddy, um-kay? Mommy has a headache and is green.

Hope you enjoy the bed and PJs and that you and the kiddos feel better soon.

XO, J/AKA The Hore (I answer to both - have decided I need a nickname, but Snooki was taken.)

Emily | February 2, 2010 at 1:29 PM

Devil Wears Prada! Of course, the brilliant Emily Blunt! I just watched it a few weeks ago. Nice work, J.
The pukes suck.

Taylor | February 3, 2010 at 5:34 PM

Here's the strange thing, I remember them when they were that big. Finny was only 6 months old and just the cutest, most beautiful baby! And Miss Joan, sweet Miss Joan...she had the rosiest cheeks and always smiled while talking. She was my glimpse at what Mrs. Smith was like. The photo of the two of them facing each other is how I think their relationship will always be. They both are mutually amazed that they have each other and so delighted that they have one another for eternal company. I love them so much it makes my tummy hurt. Missing you all...