Thursday Loves - the stomach virus free version!




-My darling PGP is home from his biz trip.

-We are OVER the stomach flu. (choirs singing) THIS IS MAJOR. The kids are back in school. (Pretend that sentence is shouted by me standing on the roof, in a bathrobe, with my mouth open maniacally and spit dangling from mouth, all crazy and Cujo-like.)

Seriously, it was really really ugly up in here for a couple of days…I cried at least 3 or 4 times a day. Mothers should just NOT get sick. Especially if their husbands are out of town. It’s cruel.

But I made it! I celebrated this morning with tea and toast and silence.  I more or less said to Peter “I’m celebrating feeling better and the return of the children to school with silence, so if you could just play along, that would be great.”

-Finn has been so over the top funny lately, I can’t even explain. His enthusiasm for things is so delicious. I wish I could bottle it. I would keep it in a monogrammed flask in my purse to sip from when necessary. He came RUNNING up to me yesterday, all spitty and excited.


”What?” I say noticing that the dog has started to howl. Finn’s loud voice makes my old Atticus howl. There are literally times when I have to say “Lower your voice, you’re making the dog cry.”

“Mama, um, Mama, Do you know who hates the Jonas Brothers???” At this point his faces changes to one of distaste and horror.

He sticks out his fingers and begins to list the people who dare not like the Jonas Brothers.

“Mean teachers, mean grandmas and mean grandpas.”

He looks to me for a reaction.

“I’ll remember that.” I say (while holding in the laughter I so desperately want to let out.)


Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman | February 7, 2010 at 8:00 PM

Love. love. love. Glad the stomach flu has left the building.