Thursday Loves

Wishing I was at Fashion Week in NYC. There is SO much beautiful design out there and to be at one of those shows would be BREATHTAKING. ( I was at a fashion show in Seattle (E!A!&R!) and that was small potatoes and I still was blissed out.

It makes me think of my friend KL who is a designer in NYC. She’ll be famous in a minute. Just you wait.

So, instead of being there, I peruse and take in all of the loveliness. I also love to read Style Rookie’s take on fashion. The blogger, Tavi, is 13. THIRTEEN. Can you dig it? I’m astounded at her intelligence and wit. It inspires me to keep encouraging the eccentricities of my rare bird, HJ. Vive la Difference! Plus, she’s the most darling thing. Look at her.


I loved all of the different textures in black at Vera Wang. Badgley Mischka always interests my eye. I loved the chic, luxe coziness of Michael Kors and could see myself in everything, which is rare, except for this:

Well, actually, now that I look at it again. I WOULD wear it, if I had legs like that. I’m transfixed by those gams. Viva legwarmers!

  • Freebasing Girl Scout Cookies. Thank goodness these things only come once a year. I find myself saying “I’ll just have one more. Ok, ONE more. Ok, JUST one.” And suddenly I am looking at an empty plastic sleeve where Thin Mints used to lay neatly stacked.
  • The fact that my sister said I reminded her of Chelsea Handler.
  • I’m re-organizing my bookshelves according to color. Yes I am. Ask me how it’s going tomorrow after I’ve given up and just shoved them all up on the shelves willy nilly. I blame it on me looking at too many decorating blogs. (I really want to be Door Sixteen when I grow up. Love her black and white minimalism vibe.)
  • The fact that when I asked Hadley for the 47th time to do her homework this afternoon she said exasperatedly “I’m GOING TO, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!” I didn’t get pissed at her attitude because I thought ‘Hell yeah, girl! Bringing back “for crying out loud.” Good work.
  • Being asked to be part of The Healing Chest’s first classes. It’s an amazing yoga program geared towards women dealing with reconstruction following breast cancer. Every time I think about it, I smile. We’ll see what happens. My body and soul need this. I fear it might be too easy but I’d rather it be too easy and feel understood than feel like an alien as I have the past few times I’ve been to a regular class. (awkward whispered exchanges during class with the instructor about why I can’t do certain poses, etc.) Its just irritating. I look forward to being able to practice normally again…whatever that means.

Namaste, MFers.  I wish you a worry free Friday with some sugar on top.


Jean | February 19, 2010 at 6:00 AM

You don't want to be at fashion week this week. Kaye was there (as per usual) and it was misery in wet snow. But then she says it's always misery. More fun to think about than do. Of course the casual visitor doesn't have the ball-breaking pressure of BUYING THE RIGHT DAMN THING (hundreds of thousands of $$$$ of them so they will fly out the door!).

Beth | February 19, 2010 at 7:46 AM

Don't get me started on the girl scout cookies. I'm pretty sure a serving size is "one sleeve"

Emily | February 19, 2010 at 8:33 AM

Oh, but I DO want to be there. Not in the snow and anywhere icky or as a job. (Kaye, you're a champ!) I just want to be magically transported from front row to front row. Heaven.

Collar, Stand + Tie | February 20, 2010 at 9:44 AM

Whee! I made the blog! This is bigger than "making it" as a fashion designer in NYC! And guess what - I was right across the way from Ms. Tavi at the Y3 show - I am just as obsessed with this witty and worldly little artist. The best part? She was reading a book, waiting for the show to start. Love from NYC, KL

Emily | February 22, 2010 at 11:37 AM

You totally made my day with the tidbit about Tavi reading before the show. Such a cutie. I get defensive when people give her shit. She's a CHILD. A fabulous one at that, so back off people. I'd love to meet her parents and congratulate them on encouraging her and fostering her uniqueness.

kisses to you KL!

Emily | February 22, 2010 at 11:17 PM

I'm so excited for your yoga situation- yay!

Emily | February 24, 2010 at 10:23 AM

Yoga RULES. Henceforth, it will be my full time job. Yoga=happy life.