Breasts are Sisters, Not Twins

I am being told to direct you, dear readers, to my sister’s blog. It seems she has cooked up something wonderful, as she is wont to do. Everyone should have a Meg. Wait – no, I take that back. She’s mine. You can’t have her.

Many many thanks to her also, as she dragged her whole family (including Bijou) to my house today and set up camp for the day. Peter and I zigzagged all over town interviewing plastic surgeons. Well, just two, but it takes a hell of a long time at each office.

I didn’t bring my camera as I didn’t want to be perceived as too much of a freak.

Doc #1, Dr. W, was like a show horse or a beauty contestant. Everything looked perfect. SWANK waiting room and examining rooms – the whole place looked like a show home.  Perfectly groomed starched lab coats and thousand dollar chairs but when it came down to the nitty gritty, I left the place thinking “Huh?” There was SOOO much information and so much showboating and name dropping that I couldn’t get the pertinent info.  He also kept saying “Breasts are sisters, not twins,” which I found hysterical. He took 3 phone calls during our meeting, which I understand happens, but it still pissed me off. A power point presentation, pamphlets, lots of talk about financing and payment. It was very clear this office was frequented primarily by wealthy women looking to upgrade their look.  Which is fine. No judgment. It’s just, I’m not in that situation. I have cancer, am getting my boobs cut off and need new ones.

Doctor #2, Dr. B, with a nice but regular doctor’s office, introduced himself and then just sat down next to me, got out a pen and paper and drew a few scenarios. After each sketch, he’s stop and say “Do you understand?”  He told me what he’d recommend for me and why. He was conversational, comfortable and at ease. I wanted to stop him and tell him I learned more from him in 10 minutes than I learned in 1 and half hours at the other office.

Peter and I also kind of wanted to take him out to dinner just because he seems like a cool guy.

So, Dr. B is the winner plastic surgeon and I heart him.

By the way, he has recommended inserting tissue expanders and then eventually implants. The tissue expander will be in place for a few months and he will fill them up weekly in order to stretch the skin to fit the implant. Ew. Not fun. But whatever.

There are other options available, such as using fat from other areas of your body to make the new boobs but a) I’m scrawny and don’t have much fat and b) with all of my circulation issues & blood clotting issues, that makes things really dicey.

Next step is to get the surgeon and plastic surgeon together to find a good date to operate.

Let’s get this ball rolling….