Hello Mutha, Hello Fatha,

Hey there…back from Asheville, NC.

(remember that song? My Dad used to sing it all the time…at the thought of camp it pops into my brain….)

A big thank you to Grammy and Bompie for putting on a stellar week.  I know my kids will have wonderful memories of the time spent with their grandparents in the beautiful mountains of Asheville. Pictures soon. Peter said he took some. For some reason I did not take one. I was very busy lifting glass to lips, fork to mouth and/or nuzzling my baby niece, Claire. Kids present were: Julien, 8, Claire, 6 months, Sophie, 8, Hadley, 7, Griffin, 11 and Finn, 5.

Peter’s sis, Michelle, mother to Julien and Claire, has an uber camera so she did most of the photographing. I will beg photos from her.

We arrived a week after Hadley with Finn and of course, the minute a younger pup arrives the rest of the litter picks on him. Poor Finn. He handled it well though.

A list for you of fragments and memories: (I’m sure Grammy and Bomp have many many more…)

Miss Becky’s banana pudding, fireflies, Grammy’s rules, Bompie playing the guitar, Grammy constantly making SOMETHING for SOMEONE – children eat all day long, bedtime dramas, the dreaded mosquitoes, firework shows, s’mores, dance party with the disco ball, the screened in porch which we would deem ADULTS ONLY at times, Asheville Cocktail, loading up everyone in cars, their beautiful yard and garden sprinkled with bits of magic and whimsy.

Before we left each child built a birdhouse with Bompie and then painted it with Grammy. They were then mounted along the trails behind Grammy and Bompie’s house. So so sweet and there forever.

School starts on Monday for little Miss 2nd grader, HJ. (hear the choirs of angels singing? They’re good like that. ) Finn is still in his summer program at Montessori and transitions into Pre-K early September. I will get on the ball and post some pics of the girl, with her skull messenger bag and skull water bottle. She really is the cutest. She keeps wearing it around the house with her ipod and headphones on. I have a super tween on my hands.