Style Pages – Finn Edition

I think back often to how great it was to spend a week alone with Finn while Peter was in Seattle and Hadley was in Asheville.

It was magical.

Those of you with more than one kid know that they are COMPLETELY different when the other one isn’t around.

We were connected at the hip that week and I will treasure those memories. He had my full attention and I had his. We played EVERYTHING and I had nothing but patience and time for this gentle creature, who up until this point, I had never met! (kidding…sort of)

I let him sleep with me every night, which was so sweet, as I know the bigger he gets it won’t be very long before he wants nothing to do with me.

There were a ton of “remember this” moments. His boundless energy is bundled into the most lovely package. He will always be my beautiful boy. Nobody loves you like your Mama, Finn!

(Peter took this pic a few months ago so it wasn’t from that week but you get the gist. and yes, I really sleep with an eye mask and earplugs. Finn normally has an eye mask on too!)

H&F summer 2009 011

We spent a lot of time wearing (and taking pictures of us wearing) his new Transformer voice changing helmet. (Grammy and Bompie, this is what he bought with his birthday money from you guys!) The way it makes your voice sound is hysterical. While doing other things around the house, I would look over and see him just sitting on the couch with the helmet on, softly singing a variety of songs to hear what they would sound like.

H&F summer 2009 044 H&F summer 2009 048 

H&F summer 2009 065 Birthdays 030

The converse are the shoe of choice around here. (The above is a self-portrait) They are a constant. As are these “driving gloves”. The name of them change every time he is doing something else.

“Mom! I need my snack eating gloves!!!”

“Mom, I can’t go to karate without my ninja gloves!!”

You get the idea.

Birthdays 025 

He’s also getting REALLY good at roller skating. We gave him these for his 5th birthday. I’m thinking a trip to Skate City is in order next week. I’m actually really psyched to go too.

Style-wise, he’s a boy so he doesn’t really care as long as it doesn’t have itchy tags. He wears what I give him to wear. I like solid or stripe. Perhaps a pattern, if it’s cool. I hate characters on clothes, sports teams or message T-shirts. (Have you seen the one that says “My Mom is a MILF!” – um, hey, inappropriate)  For the most part, he’s in his cons, shorts and a T. I’m actually relieved that I only have one kid (Hadley) at this point with a VERY distinct view on clothes. I can only handle one at a time.